Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Blues

     Chromophobia: The fear of colours

     As the SS season approaches, whilst some fashionistas are relishing the chance of being able to caress colour, others are hiding underneath the darkness of their dressers in the hope that it will disappear and that they may live their lives in the safety of black and white once more.
     The reality is though, it won't disappear. You just need to take one look at the colour blocking of Gucci and the couture of Dior to understand that this SS is as colourful and, in the case of designers such as Ashish, as playful as crayons. However, unlike these designs, life is not as playful as crayons and fashion understands this. Thus for the more reserved amongst us there is Giorgio Armani. 
     Giorgio Armani is elegance - it is not ostentatious but mysterious and as a result his S/S 2011 collection epitomises this. Whether it be the different forms of his beautiful black jackets or his dramatisation of dresses in deep shades of blue, Armani effortlessly turns the female body into a work of art and what's more is that he simultaneously manages to maintain in trend with the season. His blues are the epitome of the season's most sort after colour and the beauty of blue is that it appeals to the flamboyant in its brighter shades - check out the blumarine collection - yet also to the reserved in its darker shades, which Giorgio Armani applies to his collection in swathes of sophistication. 

     From cropped jackets to embellished trousers Armani has created masterpieces out of blues with the result that it only seems proper that one should be able to accompany the rich dark tones of his collection with the rich dark tones of a soulful voice. And, despite it being seemingly impossible to find a bluesy voice worthy of his clothes in the dance pop era of today, there is Adele, who now at the age of 21 has managed to match her vocal talents with a blues infused edge and lyricism, which, like Giorgio Armani, is timeless.
       Throughout 21, her voice manages to captivate a listener, without being hidden by the booming of banal beats, just as Armani's designs enchant an audience regardless of vibrant shades. It transcends melancholy in the reflection of 'Don't You Remember', commands your attention in the confident swagger of  both 'Rumour Has It' and 'Rolling in the Deep', and it surpasses sadness in the stunning 'Someone Like You' - the way in which her voice breaks in the second half is magical. The album is magical. The Giorgio Armani collection is magical. They share a simplicity, which is quite frankly, beautiful.
        Thus, whilst I encourage you to enjoy the brightness of fashion and music alike in the season to come, and its futuristic qualities in both the Giorgio Armani Privé couture collection and in the genres of dance and trance, I implore you to appreciate it's darker tones. Buy an Armani dress - or even a suit, gentleman:

       Because, whilst other trends will shine and then eventually dull the Armani classics will be forever stylish. They are style. However, if like me an Armani suit is a far off dream, buy 21 because just like the an Armani classic you shall never tire of it and it is a hell of a lot cheaper.  Enjoy.

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