Sunday, 16 January 2011

One of the many reasons to love Scotland

Christopher Kane:
    It is funny think that less than 5 years ago, Glaswegian Christopher Kane was yet to exhibit his debut collection, less than 5 years ago, the world had not experienced his use of galaxy prints or more importantly his use of neon.
     In fact, it was not until I saw the S/S 2007 collection that I realised that neon shades could be more than just garish. Fuchsia shades frightened me, fluorescent green gave me goosebumps and yellow well ... yuck. I didn't understand it, it was offensive and seemed to belong only to those, who have a need to glow in the dark, like cyclists and ladies of the night; but it does not. Kane has proven that it isn't and that it can be beautiful.
     Having won many prestigious awards, such as the Harrods designer award, Kane was already well known in the fashion world before he had even designed his debut collection. As a result, he had to prove himself; the collection was highly anticipated. However, he was under the sort of pressure that new designers can only dream of - if he failed he would disappear into anonymity but if he succeeded he would become the youngest member of fashion royalty - and he did.
Whether it be his striking body sculpting neon  mini-dresses ,

the innovative lace and leather collection,

or what he has in line for S/S 2011,

     Christopher Kane's designs are intriguing and they have lead to collaborations with Donatella Versace, a clan of celebrity clientele and, perhaps what is most exciting, the new mens collection which he has just designed.
     Men are often neglected in fashion. There are over four times as many womens designers as there are mens - and sadly there are four times as many women interested in fashion as there are men. Thus when a respected designer decides to expand their range and give us guys a chance, we ... well I, wait with impatience to see it, just as if I were about to listen to a new Lady Gaga single - for those of you, who for some inexcusable reason do not know, Born This Way is released on the 23/02/11.
     Moreover, when it is a statement designer such as Christopher Kane, we know that the designs will bring something new to mens clothing - the collection is now on for sale at Browns but for those of you who can't afford it or do not live near the fashion store, here are some pictures of the collection.

     Excited? - I am and even if he created this collection so that he could have 'a decent wardrobe', I think that he won't be the only man enjoying his use of galaxy prints and leather now.

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