Thursday, 6 January 2011

A letter to the reader

     Dear  person, who has happened to stumble here, perhaps on purpose but probably by accident,

    Welcome to my blog. I am Sam, a sixteen year-old boy, who ever since working as an assistant in a vintage shop last summer, has aspired to become a fashion journalist - not because of 'Ugly Betty' or 'The Devil Wears Prada' (although, I do enjoy them) but quite simply because fashion is brilliant.
     Fashion allows one to become, on the outside, what they are on the inside. It is art, which we wear; not the meaningless waste of money that a peculiar group of people suggest it is.And to those cretins out there, who are shaking there heads in disagreement and for some reason haven't already left this blog, I pose you this question:
     Surely it is just as, logical to spend £2000 on a Burberry Prorsum S/S 2011 studded, biker jacket, as it is to purchase a painting by the likes of David Hockney?
    The David Hockney dresses a room, whilst the jacket dresses you and is portable. Now unfortunately at the age of sixteen I am unable afford any of the marvellous designs of Christopher Bailey but I can appreciate them and their detail ... as can you.
     Fashion may bore you and so may I, but why? Is it the prospect of attempting to update your wardrobe biannually because that is immaterial, you can add to your own collection whenever you like. It just so happens that fashion reproduces twice a year in order that we may change and develop our own collections, just as we change and develop, both mentally and physically, ourselves. Your wardrobe, like your iTunes library, is unique and personal to you - no one shares it. 
    Fashion, unlike some of our thoughts, is not immaterial. It is material which has the power to make us look and feel amazing. Whether it is the art of Rei Kawakubo's collections for Comme des Garcons, the fun of Anna Sui's or Marc Jacobs' ability to turn the female body into a masterpiece - fashion has the ability to help. It even helps the economy which, as us Brits and our friends across the puddle in Ireland know, needs help.
      From Karl Lagerfeld to Karlie Kloss and Adrien Sahores to Alexandra Shulman, fashion captures the talented and I shall be posting my thoughts on the fashion world through the medium of this blog for both men and women. Read it if you wish and don't if you do not, but having just read Orwell's 1984, I feel the need to make my thoughts known whilst it is possible to do so - without censorship; so I shall.
      Yours sincerely,

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