Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Male Supermodel

     In an age, where supermodels are making a comeback in the forms of Lara Stone, Georgia May Jagger and Abbey Lee Kershaw, to name a few, one is lead to wonder where their male equivalents are, or if in fact the male supermodel exists.
    Perhaps, one of the first names that springs to mind, when one hears the phrase 'male supermodel', is Tyson Beckford. However, the likeliness is that this is not related to his numerous Ralph Lauren campaigns but to his cameos in films such as 'Zoolander', not to mention his stint as host of Bravo's 'Make Me a Supermodel'. Moreover, now aged 40, Beckford's time has been and gone.
    In fact, just like Beckford, Charley Speed was almost unheard of outside of the fashion world, until he became a  'Britain's Next Top Model' judge last year, despite numerous Calvin Klein campaigns opposite the world famous Kate Moss. Moreover, Jon Kotajarena, only received his supermodel status, after an appearance in the Tom Ford directed 'Single Man' last year, in which he attracted girls and boys alike playing the  scarily good looking rent boy, Carlos.

      Thus it would seem that whilst women may become renowned on account of runway and print-work, male  models must make use of television and film to progress out of anonymity. Had you honestly heard of David Gandy, before Dolce & Gabbana used him to front the Light Blue advertising campaign?

     I didn't think so.
     Furthermore, whilst women often accuse men of objectifying them in a sexist manner, it would seem that they treat men in a similar way using models, such as David Gandy, as the lead roles of their sexual fantasies despite, having no idea, who they are, let alone their names, just as men treat playboy bunnies. 
    Thus whilst women are glorified in the fashion world, male supermodels are often seen as mere 'props' - men's designer spreads are ignored, whilst women's are praised. This is perhaps highlighted by the term supermodel, which, along with nurse, is one of the only jobs in the English language that is immediately associated with women. The name doesn't change like policeman and policewoman, it has to be accompanied by the word 'male', thus suggesting that a supermodel must be a woman. 
    However, just like Freja Beha Erichsen and Karlie Kloss, there are undoubtedly some talented and handsome male supermodels in the fashion world of today that sadly are ignored outside of their niche. From 'the one', Baptiste Giabiconi, to the Myspace discovered Sean O Pry, male supermodels do exist, it's just that they are yet to garner the attention of their female counterparts.
     Here are a few of my favourites; the question is: can you name them?

Adrien Sahores, Sean O Pry, Clement Chabernaud
Simon Nessman, Baptiste Giabiconi
David Agbodji


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