Sunday, 23 January 2011

To queue or not to queue?

    Undoubtedly the majority of you are now in a state of wonder and excitement, as you prepare for SS 2011 and the fashion trend it beholds and, yes, so am I. However, more so because, courtesy of the Vogue website, I have been in the knowledge of these trends, since September last year and, as a result, my excitement for the appearance of these collections in magazines and department stores alike, is rather like that of  a controlled cat's as meal time approaches, as opposed to that of a distracted dog's.
    We have already had the chance to stare in awe at Sarah Burton's first collection for Alexander McQueen, witness the wistful whites of the Dolce & Gabbana collection and gaze at Jamie Bochart in the beauty of Balmain  - it just so happens that, unlike in September, we are now a mere mini dress from the time when those of us, who aren't models, are able to try on and purchase these designs.
     Thus, whilst the SS 2011 collections prepare to be exposed into the harshness of...Selfridges and the like, the mens collections for AW 2011-12 are already being unveiled. Unsurprisingly, I do have access to them; we all do. And so, as opposed to spoiling each and every collection for you - I have decided only to tantalise your trend spotting taste buds by hand picking a few favourites of mine from the Milan collections.

     From the bold colours of Vivienne Westwood and Versace to the street style of D&G, it seems that A/W 2011 could be as colourful as the summer and whether you want to know more is your decision:
     You may either- 
  •  Be quintessentially British and endure the process of waiting, which to be honest is like waiting in a queue when you already have a V.I.P. (Vogue, Internet, Peekaboo) pass  - unnecessary.
  • Witness the delightful designs that are already at your fashion forward fingertips.

It's a bit easier than a masters degree at Oxbridge - isn't it?


  1. interesting post Sam
    (P.S. Huge lover of Selfridges)

  2. Love the D&G Coca-Cola T-shirt!