Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Where is the chav?

     As the vitality of the S/S 2011 collections begins to decorate our magazines and brighten the winter days, it has become apparent that Burberry Prorsum has well and truly evolved since the days of the late 90s. When gazing longingly at the S/S collection, it seems a distance past since the British label was regarded as the chav's link to designer.
    In fact, Christopher Bailey's, barely over one year position, as chief creative director, has allowed the label to cement its position as the emblem of British cool - from its quilted jackets to its trench coats, Burberry understands the British fashionista. Moreover, it hands out a high fashion hand to us, in that it dresses us for the weather. Thus, whilst we admire the shorts of D&G and swimwear of Calvin Klein,  it is the macs and biker jackets of Burberry that will make a splash in the forthcoming April showers - not to mention the neon belts and leather trousers which, under the lord of leather's hands, evoke edginess - not escort.
       For us Burberry boys it is time to invest in a pair of Burberry's skinny fit leather trousers - but if you aren't brave enough the quilted jacket will suffice.

     And, whilst we ponder as to how daring we really are, ladies stare at the studs - despite a trip on the catwalk, Miss Bone Structure 2010, Nina Porter has still achieved the ever so important money shot. You want the jacket - don't you? And if not - because you happen to have been poked by a stud in the eye as a child and as result are scarred for life - surely the softer dress beneath with it's lilac leopard print will be your Spring show stopper.

     And although these collections may not be as innovative as the shearling of the previous season, they are undeniably Burberry and undeniably beautiful. Where is the chav? - on a one way train full of daleks, where it happens to have been exterminated. It doesn't exist; thankfully Burberry does and, if you can afford it, it will exist in your wardrobe in the not so distant future. 
     Unfortunately, if like me, you cannot, hopefully we shall see some of the pieces in Rihanna's upcoming video for her new single 'S&M' - I have images of Rihanna whizzing around my head looking undeniably sexy and stunning in this collection. However, sadly I think that this won't happen and with a title like 'S&M' she may be making a video for boys' home alone entertainment as opposed to fashionistas. But let's see, after all she is the 'Only Girl in the World' who has the bravery to rock fluorescent red hair.

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