Sunday, 6 February 2011

Embrace your inner ballerina - as long as she doesn't resemble Nina Sayers

   It's interesting - the way in which cultures imitate and intertwine themselves with each other. During the renaissance period both music and art mimicked each other, during the 60s androgynous haircuts became commonplace as women were emancipated from the image of the 1950s housewife and during the 90s platforms demonstrated the rise of 'Girl Power' in conjunction with the in your face pop of the Spice Girls.
    Having finally had the chance to see the brilliantly disturbing 'Black Swan' - Aronofsky's direction was harrowing, Kunis' role as sexy as Marlon Brando and Portman's portrayal of perfectionist Nina Academy Award worthy - it became overtly apparent that, whilst some of the upcoming season's collections have taken inspiration from fruit i.e. Prada, Stella McCartney - many have been influenced by the ballet of the 'Black Swan'. The film itself, although not fashion-centred, features the costumes of Amy Westcott in collaboration with the Rodarte sisters, which, despite being designed for ballet are beautiful.

Not to mention Judy Chin's incredible make-up.

     Is anyone else wishing that they had taken ballet a little more seriously now?
    However, for those of you longing to look like Portman and Kunis, you needn't look any further than the couture and ready to wear collections of SS 2011. Fashion labels and houses alike have used the 'Black Swan's' promotion of ballet to their advantages and in all honesty, who's complaining?
    The House of Worth, having been accused of being slightly old fashioned in its previous couture collection has taken inspiration from ballet and as a result its new couture collection couldn't be more current. What's more is that its bodices and tutu creations can be separated so that, in the words of Giovanni Bedin himself, 'you can just wear the bodice[s] with jeans.'

    Moreover, it would seem that Chloe have also taken advantage of this sudden interest in ballet having moved on from its leg lengthening AW trousers to the luxury of SS silk. Hannah MacGibbon's use of ballerina wrap tops, nude tones and chiffon has resulted in her creating a collection, which will give you the chance to look and feel as beautiful as Natalie Portman - in a devilishly comfortable way.

     Thus, as we head into SS 2011, embrace your inner ballerina, whether it be in an outrageously fashionable manner or one that is effortlessly elegant, you will look beautiful. However, whilst doing this, perhaps do not adopt the mindset of Nina Sayers, whose insecure attitude and actions will distress and disturb her viewers for weeks on end.

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  1. Love the Chloe collection. Black swan made me want to me Mila Kunis, how hot!?