Monday, 21 February 2011

How I wish that I were in a Koople

     Having gazed at countless ad campaigns of Anna & Lars from the comforts of the Cotswolds but not been anywhere near their clothes, there was no question that I would visit 'The Kooples' upon my next visit to London.

    The label itself, was established in France in 2008 but, like brands such as Dior, it has taken an unnecessary amount of time for the brand to make its way across the channel. The label itself is the brainchild of siblings, Alexandre, Laurent and Raphaël Elicha, whose father, Tony Elicha created the ever successful 'Comptoir des cotonniers'. And like 'Comptoir', 'Kooples' bases its essence on relationships, however, as opposed to the mother daughter connection commercialised by 'Comptoir', 'Kooples' centres its advertising campaigns around the concept of romance. 
     The idea, although adapted from that of their father, is quite simply genius. It is reminiscent of  the 'Stolen Girlfriends Club' in that its androgynous clothing may be shared between couples, without having to look as twee as your granny's collection of antique teacups. Just take a look at the commercials to understand how 'cool' the brand really is:

    Thus, despite being a full fledged member of the singleton clan, I decided to visit and undoubtedly purchase something from this individual French brand, particularly considering that their 'gentleman to rockstar' look is a favourite of mine. And having briefly seen the stall in Selfridges, after visiting its unimaginable shoe hall - if you haven't seen it yet; go now, it's Willie Wonka's chocolate factory for shoe lovers - I decided to visit the Kings Road store in order to experience the brand within its own environment.
     The store itself is chic, with its neutral colouring, edgy posters and youthful logo, it  makes you wish not only to wear the clothes but to become one of the hand picked couples chosen for their campaigns. However, due to school trip based savings, I was unable to splurge and thus whilst gazing in envy at waistcoats, jackets and scarves alike, I limited myself to the jeans section, because I happened to be at that time  within a high-quality jeans drought. 
     The collection of skinnies immediately caught my eye - loose just isn't my style. In fact, the assistants really helped with the fitting in that they explained how you could afford to go at least a few inches smaller than your usual  waist size in order to get that authentic rock look. In the process I think, I managed to try on the entire fitted trouser collection before settling on a brilliant pair of matte, leather-look jeans. They cost £87.50 and it was definitely worth it, just take a look at them below.

And now watch their video just to witness the coolness once more:

     Is anyone else undergoing serious relationship envy now? - particularly when you consider that each couple featured in the ad campaigns is actually a real couple. What's more is that, if you do happen to be smitten with some gorgeous guy or girl, you have the chance to apply for the next advert campaign. I can't but you can, so please do and hopefully we'll be seeing you advertising the next ever so cool collection.

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  1. I love The Kooples. Saw them all over Paris when I was there in September, coveted everything from afar. I want to be a koople too. These ads makes me jels. Good post xxx