Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What do you wear?

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     January is over and we now find ourselves completely settled into 2011 - we've stopped writing 2010 in date headings, we've forgotten our new year's resolutions and we've finally adapted to the new fragrance, which we bought ourselves for Christmas.
     Having worn Paul Smith 'Men' for the best part of two years, I would recommend it to anyone. 
It has a fresh, distinctive smell which epitomises, sophistication whilst staying true to the quirky British brand. However, when seeing the bottle approach its emptiness in the final days of December, I decided that I would start 2011 with a new fragrance. I wanted something else. The decision itself was easy. Having seen and smelt Marc Jacobs' 'Bang' amongst the pages of GQ and Vogue alike, I was immediately attracted to its woody and exotic aroma - not to mention  Marc Jacobs himself:

     And despite having attempted every aftershave available, I could not help but return to Bang, because like Marc Jacobs and I'd like to think myself, it stands out amongst its counterparts. It is unique...and having used Bang for over a month now, it has now become a part of me - part of my essence. 
    Thus today, when I left home, without my scent, I felt naked, I was unarmed. Although I was conveying who I am through my outer appearance, I lacked my scent, which is more important than clothes in that we change our images on a daily basis yet we rarely change our scents. Moreover, they allow you to recognize someone's presence without having to see or hear them - in the 1950s everyone knew that Marilyn Monroe or one of her devoted fans was in walking distance when they could smell a hint of Chanel No. 5. 

    What's more is that scent achieves in seconds what designers spend years developing - an identity. It is so personal, that you must decide on it alone because, unlike clothes, it seeps into your skin and you absorb it. It is the last think you apply and it is the last thing you remove. It is an innate external part of you. 
    Thus, when your perfume bottle begins to reach an end, have a ponder as to what you wear and what it expresses. Is it elegant and chic or more suited to the musky air of a brothel. Your sense of smell is your strongest sense and whilst people will forget the clothes that you wear, your smell shall subconsciously be cemented into their memories. It should express you, and if it doesn't - it's time for an update. 

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  1. It's actually on offer in House of Fraser for £17.50
    I wear Paul Smith MAN and Extreme (not at the same time of course!). Passion for Paul Smith - genuine Idol.

    Another good post Sam!