Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Céline & Chloé: The pioneers of simplistic chic

     I suppose the first names, which come to mind, when someone mentions the words 'French fashion' are those of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy - the list goes on. However, it would seem that ready-to-wear brands, such as Chloé and Céline, are beginning to stand alongside these couture houses as household names. People no longer have the time, patience or events for couture - or perhaps not. Couture is and always will be popular - you need only look at both Mila Kunis in Elie Saab's and Cate Blanchett in Givenchy's latest couture collections at the Oscars to understand.

     However, what has become increasingly evident in recent years is that, in order to modernise couture, certain houses, such as a Chanel, have begun to create more subtle designs than they have done previously and more wearable pieces are beginning to appear in avant-garde collections. Whether it is Sarah Burton's second collection as head designer of Alexander McQueen or Galliano's latest and perhaps last designs for Dior, day and easy-to-wear pieces were gazed at with equal if not more longing than evening-wear.

   Thus the simple beauty of a Chloé or Céline ready-to-wear collection has become increasingly more popular because these are collections which are both modern and wearable, whilst still possessing that effortless elegance and expensive quality of Parisian fashion. Moreover, both Hannah MacGibbon and Phoebe Philo have that uncanny ability to set and create trends instantly. Who didn't wish to own one of Philo's Paddington Bags a mere five years ago?
       What's more is that, they know and understand their brands in a way in which a married couple do each other. In fact, they both share a perfect marriage with their labels, in that, whilst being at one with their labels, they do not allow their own personal talents to be overshadowed by them and thus manage to succeed without compromising their talents.
      From the fresh qualities of their SS collections - someone please purchase those Chloé leather shorts, they are just dying to be worn, to the new AW collections - try not to gormlessly gawp at Jamie Bochert effortlessly rocking a faux-fur dress, these are the designers at the forefront of Parisian fashion.

      They are, indeed, pioneers of simplicity because they never spoil a look with superfluous features but instead pay an unimaginable attention to the detail of their clothes, which results in a never boring, but beautiful array of trend-starting looks.

     And it is in the knowledge that the ready-to-wear world is under these talented hands, that we needn't worry about what the fashion world beholds because, unlike the Royal Mail - Philo and MacGibbon always deliver.

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