Sunday, 27 March 2011

Elizabeth Bolton: One to watch

      As the weather begins to show signs of SS, a serious desire to stroll around in the detailed designs of Bottega Veneta is invoked in boys and girls alike and a sense of longing arouses in even the most introvert of us to do more than just gaze at the latest works of Haider Ackermann. However, less than 50 years ago neither of these brands or these wishes existed and a mere 15 years ago Ackermann was yet to even debut his first collection. 
      The two brands took years to become what they are today. Whether it be through Veneta's years of development or Ackermann's work behind the scenes at lesser known labels, they have both managed to become known and appreciated within the fashion world - Veneta for its Italian attention to detail, and Ackermann for its individual take on classic items.

       However, whilst experience within in the fashion industry is still important, it is by no means necessary any more. Both Christopher Kane and David Koma are proof that in today's Internet world, recognition can be received before, if not immediately after university graduation. The middle ground is disappearing - Kane actually began working for Versace, after he started up his own label, as opposed to, designers such as Phoebe Philo, who worked under a label before spanning out and creating their own collections.
       Consequently, I feel very privileged to know the designer of an up and coming label, who amongst AS levels has managed to both design and have her clothes modelled. The label is Elizabeth Bolton and it really is something special. Bolton understands fashion in a way that designers such as McQueen did, in that whilst she can produce a beautiful coat suited to a well know label, such as Chanel:

     She can also create individual and appealing designs in her own unique style. From velvet tops to jersey dresses, her designs are both young and fresh. She cleverly incorporates Chinese jacquard print, mesh and Suffolk puffs into satin seam dresses, which any young woman would be stupid not to wish to wear.

     What's more is that Bolton is aware of the business side of a label. She has had her clothes modelled and photographed by young, local girls in order that she may advertise her clothes properly. The beautiful, unsigned Emily Pascoe effortlessly wears Bolton's clothes, whilst Victoria Harris has managed to capture their beauty against a simple brick wall. The result is simple but striking nonetheless. 
     Bolton has not only used her talent but her contacts, to start a label, which one day may strut alongside both Kane and Koma at London Fashion Week, or Ackermann in Paris. But wherever Bolton decides to have it shown, purchase and wear her designs now, before she like Ackermann and Kane becomes a member of fashion royalty. Enjoy.

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