Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Glamour of Gucci

     As AW 2011-12 fashion weeks draw to a close we are forced to look back over, what has been an intriguing month for fashion. From the tribal qualities of Felicity Brown's collection to the drama of the Dior debacle, our fashion focused minds couldn't be more shocked and satisfied.

     However, whilst the elegance of Paris is primarily on our minds, I'd like to take us back to Milan fashion week, in which Frida Giannini raised the heights of glamour once more. Considering that the Gucci SS collection was perhaps the most luxurious of all, the prospect of her AW line was undoubtedly an exciting one - and it hasn't disappointed.

      The shades, which she used, became richer and the clothes more elegant - as you can see the result is magic. The garments flow and caress the body  in the most willing and flattering way, as if your body is Jon Kortajarena and you are the clothes... What's more is that  Giannini's use of detailing is genius. By adding a thin black belt to each look, she manages to create a selection of chic outfits unhindered by the likes of fussy, chunky, unneeded accessories. 
    The look manages to be effortless yet precise, subtle yet eye-catching with the result it is perfect for those parties or dinners, in which one wishes to stand out without screaming and radiate beauty without pain. But, perhaps what is so perfect about this collection is that it embodies the Gucci brand in such a way that the SS collection did beforehand. It is both vibrant and sedate, just as SS's colour-blocking was not garish but drop-dead gorgeous. Who wouldn't want to join Joan Smalls and Karmen Pedaru in their breath-taking campaigns for the brand?

Someone who thinks that Gucci is pronounced 'Gukki' and Joan Smalls is an Estate Agents?
Just a guess.

     Moreover Gucci is not designed for ladies alone, the AW collection for men proves that it is the go-to brand for guys hoping to stand alongside women in the fashion stakes. Its suits are literally out of this world.

      However, what is truly wonderful about Gucci though is that, although it has most certainly grown up since its humble beginnings as a stand alone shop in 1920s Florence, its mantra hasn't changed. It may now be perhaps one of the most philanthropic brands in the business, with links to both UNICEF and Milk but it is still and will always be the epitome of glamour. From Tom Ford's reinstatement of the brand, after family disputes caused its 1980s downfall, the company has never looked back and, in all honesty, why would it? 

     Under his and Giannini's hands, Gucci has reinstated itself as Italy's leading fashion brand - it has nothing to look back to, only forward, just as we know that every time Milan fashion week comes around we and the world alike have something to look forward to in a world which lacks the glamour Gucci effortlessly creates.

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  1. ~Gucci womens runway was a bunch of beautiful powerful done up ladies & I loved it !