Wednesday, 23 March 2011


       Elizabeth Taylor died today. She died aged 79. She died an icon.

     But you already knew that, Google told you hours ago, you heard it on the radio, your neighbour mentioned it over coffee and a Bourbon. You've read countless articles concerning her death,  you've found out that old copy of Cleopatra and now you find yourself wondering how many times she actually did get married - it was eight, including her two consecutive marriages to Richard Burton. 
        Taylor is gone but, as we respect and acknowledge her in death, her legacy lives on -as an icon. An icon of beauty, talent and seductiveness - she oozed it, just look at her. Even in a wheel chair she still looked like the Hollywood star she always was.

      However, beyond her famous friendships, our generation knows very little about her, and perhaps we shouldn't, she was an actress after all not an artist and she became famous in a time, when the internet didn't exist and Twitter, was the sound of a bird as opposed to the recent rants of a celebrity or indeed ourselves. 
     In fact, before today, the majority of teenagers probably didn't even know who Elizabeth Taylor was, they may have thought, to your disdained glare, that she was Liz Taylor, 'the one off of Hollyoaks', not the child star turned adult actress, who defined American cinema. The fact that they were gawping at pictures of British boy-band, the Wanted, mere moments before adds further disgust to your disdain - but why? 
       Elizabeth Taylor until today has been absent from the public eye, whereas the Wanted have not. They have just released a comic relief single and feature on the walls of girls and certain Adonis adoring boys throughout the country and who can blame them, they're 'FIT'.

     But they're not Elizabeth Taylor and they never will be, yet they are icons - if not to you, then to the twelve year old girl who lives across the road. Margaret Thatcher is an icon to David Cameron, just as Iman is one to Tyra Banks and Michael Jackson to Beyoncé. There is something quite beautiful in the way in which icons themselves have their own icons, they take inspiration from others, just as we do.
     British Vogue editor, Alexandra Shulman recently stated in a Twitter interview that the word 'icon' is over-used; it's meaning is lost and she's right, just consider how many icons you have - 12, no 20 oh wait 98 give or take but does that matter? I, myself both love and look up to fashion designers and journalists alike, from Ricardo Tisci to Charlotte Sinclair. 
     However, amongst these great men and women, one often stands out for us and for me it's obvious -  those of you who've read my blog will already be aware of who I am referring to. She is a lady who stands for all I believe in and is the woman for whom I decided to give up an hour of my homework filled evening  in order to watch her most recent interview. If you hadn't guessed it is Sarah Palin...just kidding, it is, of course, Lady GaGa, and here's the interview for those of you, yet to see it.

      She inspires me and changes my perceptions of what is beautiful and what is not like fashion. Her outfits intrigue me and her lyrics relate to me, she is one of my 'icons'. Elizabeth Taylor may be one of yours but if not, who is? Who would you give up a front row seat in Milan to grab a Starbucks with? Quite frankly, it doesn't matter as long as you have one because hopefully one day, someone may look up to you to and you will be an 'icon'. 

Elizabeth Taylor
27 February 1932 - 23 March 2011

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  1. what lovely boys the wanted are!