Thursday, 31 March 2011

Oh to be young, Oh to be Karlie Kloss...

     Karlie Kloss is the atypical American supermodel. She's beautiful, individual, exactly 6ft and is my blog logo.

      Having been discovered at a charity fashion show aged just 13, she signed to an agency at 15 and her career unfolded, her fashion-filled fairy-tale began. From campaigns with Yves Saint Laurent to runway shows with Alexander McQueen, the fashion world literally became her oyster and she's become its pearl. The world's pearl or even Vogue's pearl - with eight covers under her belt and countless editorials, the magazine and its readers alike adore her, with the result that she is the envy of all her rivals. 

        And, like John Steinbeck's 'Pearl', her guardians a.k.a agencies are extremely possessive over her. Her transfer to NEXT Model Management from Elite was one of the most controversial switches ever in the world of modelling, and it should have been. Elite lost a supermodel. They lost Karlie Kloss, who opened ten and closed eight of the SS 2011 shows, and who, on account of her edgy look and coquettish expressions, has become the muse of Dior. They lost Karlie Kloss, who, as I found out today, is 18 - yes, only 18.

      Perhaps, you, unlike me, are not shocked by her age - this is the world of modelling after all, where if you want to be one of the greats, youth or at least youthful looks are key. Linda Evangelista was discovered at the age of 13, Kate Moss at only 14 and Naomi Campbell landed her first cover of Elle at 15 - WOW. 18 suddenly doesn't seem quite so impressive any more. 
      However, outside of modelville it is. In law firms, banks and even schools, you wouldn't reach the heights of your career until your late 30s, 40s, even 50s. You couldn't have an 18 year old Headmaster, just as you couldn't have a 14 year old in charge of your accounts - it doesn't happen. It only does in the media world. Where you can be a star at any age. Keira Knightley filmed her role as Elizabeth Swan for Pirates of the Caribbean aged just 17, whilst Rihanna was only 19 when she released 'Good Girl Gone Bad' and I started  this blog aged 16.

      However like with Kloss, there is always someone younger than us, for Rihanna there is Willow Smith, for Knightly there is the Harry Potter cast and for me there is the inspirational Tavi Gevinson - but this does not matter. These people do not affect our gifts and they do not affect our achievements. Karlie Kloss has achieved great things at the mere age of 18, which may no longer be shocking but are impressive, Kloss is now fulfilling her dreams  - as well as the dreams of millions of girls across the world, and for that and her talent alone, we salute her.

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