Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bright Young British Things

     An introduction or reintroduction to two people set to become so popular this year that you would have to be a hermit not to know their names. 

     1) Douglas Booth

               London-born Douglas Booth is the future. Primarily he is a talented actor, and secondly he is gorgeous. His eyes are captivating, his jawline is razor-sharp and his cheekbones are so defined that they could cut through a Burberry studded biker - he is a living work of art. Aged 18, he has already modeled for numerous Burberry campaigns alongside Emma Watson, cheekbone chick Nina Porter and so sexy, she ought not be exposed to the average heterosexual male, Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Yet, considering that he has already starred in three BBC productions, it would seem that modelling is a mere diversion for this talented chap. Firstly he played Boy George in the biopic 'Worried About the Boy' to much appraisal, then Eustace in the 2010 adaptation of 'Pillar's of the Earth' and most recently he acted as Christopher Isherwood's lover Heinz in the brilliant 'Christopher and His Kind'. Not too bad for an 18 year old. And with a stateside production of 'L.O.L' set for release this year it looks like international stardom is a given for him, as Booth makes the transfer from Britain's second best-dressed man to one of the U.K.'s finest actors. 

     2) Natalia Kills

            Bradford-born Natalia Kills, like Lady GaGa before her, is set to become a new generation pop artist, who like Miss Germanotta uses musical talent, lyrics and video to create not just music but art as well. They will both be 25 by the 15th of August and they both release their music under a pseudonym. However, unlike GaGa, upon the release of her first album 'Perfectionist', Natalia is no stranger to the music or media scene. She starred in the BBC sitcom 'All About Me' in 2002, before playing the vicar's daughter in the BBC4 radio series 'The Archers' and releasing the hip-hop top 20 hit 'Don't Play Nice' in 2005. She was fairly successful and then she faded into obscurity but thank God she did. Whilst 'Don't Play Nice' was an enjoyable guilty pleasure, it certainly wasn't anything ground-breaking and, having heard her latest efforts, it has become clear that she is far more suited to gothic-pop than the hip-hop she once sang. Her new single 'Mirrors' manages to be both radio-friendly yet dark and interesting , in that its 'Sweet Dreams'-esque beats add to its haunting 'my stiletto on your neck' lyrics to create something quite remarkable. Moreover, the lyrics of its successor 'Wonderland' are just clever: 'I'm not Snow White but I'm lost inside this forest. I'm not Red Riding Hood but I think the wolves have got me.' and in the video she gets beheaded rocking the famous bejeweled KTZ leather dress - fashion, execution and wit, what more could you want? Natalia has most certainly grown up since her days as a teen star. She has become an adult star and if her experimental make-up, and mini YouTube series are anything to go by Natalia will 'kill' it in the music industry for years to come.

So there you have it, Douglas Booth - the stylish British actor and Natalia Kills - the experimental British artist. Is anyone else excited?


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  3. Douglas is a star. I have always admired him in the Burberry campaigns.


  4. I love Natalia Kiss!! :)

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  8. THE SHOES she's wearing in MIRRORS! YSL jewels!! <3

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