Monday, 25 April 2011

New Life...New Trends

     Yesterday was Easter and, whilst some people were celebrating 'new life', others were enjoying a day with the family or appreciating the fact that it is a bank holiday weekend. I myself am not religious - 'new life doesn't concern me'. However, seeing as British weather is shocking us all by reaching 'tropical' temperatures, it would seem that there certainly is something to be celebrating.
     We now find ourselves immersed in SS and the possibility of wearing its fashions - no matter if we're celebrating 'new life' or not, we can certainly celebrate 'new trends'. So as we find ourselves already gazing at what AW 2011-12 has to offer, here is a reminder of the delightful designs of this season and what to experiment with in the near future.

1) Colour Blocking

     Perhaps the most obvious trend this season is colour; it is everywhere. From Jil Sander to Gucci and Christopher Kane to Lanvin, colour is your friend this season but if you really want to take the trend to a Louis Vuitton level, leave your inhibitions in the closet and colour-block. Obviously colour-blocking can result in you looking as though you ought to be at a circus-themed party, but when it is done right, it can  transform you into a beacon of beauty and looking at the designs above, it is worth it.

2) White

     Now for the more minimalistic of us, there is of course the 'white' trend, which always works in SS. In fact, white and SS can't help but go together because, like Cinderella and the Prince, their separation only strengthens their love and desire for each other. Moreover, the combination of sunshine and the designs of YSL, Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein alike, can elevate us mere mortals into modelesque paragons of chic and, in all honesty, who objects to that?

3) Stripes

Horizontal stripes have always been renowned for fattening their wearers, yet the recent designs of Moschino and Versace would suggest that this 'common knowledge' is 'common crap'. When tailored correctly a striped tunic can actually accentuate the hour-glass figure of a woman, so much so that they look more Marilyn Monroe than Mr Blobby. Moreover, the nautical stripes of Jean Paul Gaultier make men look more muscular than Michelin man. Besides, Prada's humorous selection of stripes this season makes it impossible for us not to long for them regardless of size.

4) The 70s

     Fashion has always had a wonderful ability to take inspiration from the styles of yesteryear and update them in a fresh and modern way. This season it reflects on the 70s, when glamour was all the rage and fashion was not for the faint-hearted. Whether you like the luxurious leisure of Salvatore Ferragamo or the laid back qualities of Gant - this SS is a time to indulge in fashion and forget about the recession. Wear a Marc Jacobs dress, experiment with make-up and look a million dollars - you know you want to.

5) Androgyny

     Finally a trend, which always excites - androgyny. Fashion has always favoured the androgynous, from Twiggy to Agyness Deyn, it is interesting. Thus, whether you sport Paul Smith quiffs or DSquared2 slouch suits this season, you will be in fashion. Moreover, men are beginning to embrace this trend too - drop-crotch trousers are all the rage for men, yet are the twin of harems. What's more is that the likes of Andrej Pejic and the lipstick wearing boys of Vivienne Westwood's AW show, prove that this may not just be a trend but a revolution in fashion and what could be more exciting than that?


  1. I like you blog!

  2. stripes and colors are my favorite!
    i've been obsessed with bright red lately.
    however androgyny is something i've been doing for a while so i heart that too!
    great post!

  3. I am so loving the neon color blocking

  4. White, white, chic!
    The white dress is stunning...good post!

  5. cool post. Been thinking about having a trend post on my blog too :)