Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Nick Knight

     As we wait with bated breath for the release of Lady GaGa's new Judas video, it only seems apt that I should celebrate the life and career, of the infamous fashion photographer and Born This Way video director - Nick Knight.

     Knight is to British photography what David Bowie is to British music - a necessity. Having published 'Skinheads', a book of photographs in 1982, he was spotted by i-D editor Terry Jones and, as they say, the rest is history. From Vogue shoots to designer campaigns he has become one of the most sought-after photographers of all time, amongst the greats: Mario Testino, David Bailey - the list goes on. 

     However, if it was Helen's face that launched a thousand ships, it was this shot that launched a thousand shoots for Knight, who now aged 53, still seems to be within the prime of his career. His use of colour contrast was so innovative and fresh for the time that it lead him to capture more campaigns than that of Yohji Yamamoto's 1986 collection. In fact, like Bowie's genre defying music, Knight has always defied the boundaries of photography. His use of effects is second to none - just look at this shot from his campaign for the SS 2004 Alexander McQueen collection. It is incredible.

    He understands designers and the images they wish to create, in such a way that he transports you into their worlds - their beautiful worlds. Who-else has managed to capture McQueen's talent in such a modern yet stunning way? Yet, it is not just designers that he understands but magazines, models and musicians to name a few. His  works for Vogue are instantly recognisable in that they are always different. 

     From a glamorous Linda Evangelista to an androgynous Kate Moss, he has captured some of the most beautiful people the world has ever seen, in the most interesting of lights. His recent 'Mean Streets' editorial for Vogue demonstrates his timeless relevance. The breathtaking Joan Smalls and model-of-my-fashion-filled-dreams Karlie Kloss have never looked edgier than in this pretty punk paradise.

     However, perhaps most recently, it is his relationship with Lady GaGa that is intriguing us all? His direction of the Born This Way video resulted in something both bonkers and beautiful - will anyone seriously be able to forget the image of GaGa giving birth to a gun?  He understands his client. What's more is that he has photographed her entire album shoot, which, from the images released thus far, shows GaGa looking both 'fierce' and vulnerable - it's wonderful.

     Thus, as we wait in excitement for the rest of the Born This Way shoot and Knight's next editorial, let's enjoy his ever-stylish back-catalogue because we can and, when it's this beautiful, we really should.


  1. really really interesting article! i love his work!
    i'm not really a big lady gaga fan but this was very insightful!

  2. Im not a fan of gaga though but yeah thanks for sharing.:)
    Anw great blog, sure I'll follow you. hope you'll do the same.