Sunday, 10 April 2011

Which designer will she wear?

     No doubt, having purchased the latest edition of British Vogue, you like me will have scoured it from back to front and enjoyed the editorials of both Arizona Muse and Agyness Deyn alike - not to mention the choice of three sublime supermodel covers.

     Mario Testino has managed to capture the incomprehensible beauty of Natalia, Freja and Lara in such a serene light that he has made even the most cold-hearted of us imagine ourselves walking down the isle in the incredible creations of Vivienne Westwood and Oscar de la Renta alike. Yet, as far as I know, these imaginations are far from the realities of our lives. We are not getting married nor even going to a wedding or that matter but Prince William and Catherine Middleton are. 
     However these university sweethearts aren't just getting married, they are about to say their vows in front of upwards of two billion people and Catherine is on the verge of fulfilling the seemingly impossible childhood dreams of women both old and young alike - she is about to become a princess.

     But, why should we care? Regardless of the circumstances, we know very little about these two people. Although we may know a few facts and figures about their media documented lives, we have know idea what it is like to have a cup of tea and a catch up with them. As opposed to couples who specifically invite us to their weddings, we do not know Catherine and William. 
     However, on the 29th of April, you and I shall attend their wedding, via the television. We shall witness some part, if not all, of the ceremony, whether it is the exchanging of vows, the bearing of the rings or, what we are all dying to see, Catharine walking down the isle, in a stunning designer dress.
     But which designer will it be? My personal wish, as rumour has it, is that she will sport an all British jaw-dropper, designed by the one and only Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen - who else can create something so regal, yet so feminine?

     However, whilst we find ourselves lost in this bubble of excitement, in which we plan the wedding out as if it were our own - we have to understand that this is not our wedding. We are not six years old and Catherine and William are not Barbie and Ken. We cannot control them and, quite frankly we shouldn't. This is their special day...not ours. Catherine will probably not wear a Sarah Burton dress - bar hats and fascinators her style is rarely that extrovert. Ever the poised princess, she prefers to play it safe in elegant Issa beauties; it's her style.
     Moreover, her daily floral getup is far more D&G than Dolce & Gabbana; it like her is sweet and young, and why should she change it for our liking? She is not a pin up girl but a princess and like any woman in control, she should have power over her decisions. She already has to face the reality that her every word and movement on April 29th will be analysed by both the paparazzi and public, the day has to run perfectly and, as enjoyable as it is to suggest a dress, we needn't interfere. Catherine has little control over what will happen on the day but she can decide what she wears and we should respect her decision, just as we would any other bride's.

     Besides, although he will be wearing uniform for the wedding, which designer will William wear to the reception?

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