Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Inevitable Post

     I have to admit, when Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding was announced, I was hardly excited. After all they are just two people and a wedding is a wedding. Their engagement interview went on to confirm this because, despite their positions, they are just like any other young couple.

     Yet that is what is so appealing about them. They are fresh, likeable and as unpretentious, as they can be, when they are Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. William, is the Prince, who went to university and became a pilot, in defiance of his family background and Catherine, the normal girl, who met him at St. Andrews, fell in love and became a princess. Their story, although shamelessly adapted by the American media, really is a fairytale. Besides, who doesn't love a wedding, particularly when it is held in Westminster Abbey in front of roughly two billion people?
      Like any royal wedding, there were members of parliament, celebrities and most importantly family. From the heavily pregnant Victoria Beckham, who looked very pretty in her own label and a Phillip Treacy hat to Samantha Cameron, who looked simple but chic in a Burberry body con dress, Erdem Jewels and no hat - Catherine wasn't the only one who looked fabulous. I must say though, David Beckham, in Ralph Lauren Purple label, really wasn't too bad either.

    However, as always, there were certain guests who embodied the occasion, in such a way which only royals can and, in all honesty, only royals should. No sisters, other than Princess Beatrice and Eugenie could get away with wearing Valentino Couture and Vivienne Westwood with such extravagant Phillip Treacy head-wear. Beatrice's dress and coat were lovely, and although her hat was an acquired taste, it was fun and perfectly extravagant for the occasion.

Royal Wedding Arrivals

       In fact, of the William's family, it was the Spencer sisters, who really didn't put a foot wrong, in their more subtle approach to dressing, with simple fascinators and elegant dresses. Not to mention Lord Frederick Windsor's wife, Sophie Winkleman, who showed everyone how it's done in her Giorgio Armani and Phillip Treacy ensemble.

     But of course it was the Middleton family, who caught all of our attentions. Whether it was Catherine's adorable father, Michael on the isle, her mother Carole in Catherine Walker, her sexy brother James in the pulpit or her radiant sister Pippa in McQueen, it became clear that the Middletons really are the perfect family to join the royals. Just look at the new family photograph.

      However, as you can tell from above, there was one lady who stood out, amongst everyone: Catherine. In a timeless ivory lace dress designed by the one and only Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, she radiated beauty. It perfectly mixed traditional materials with a more modern shape and train length, just as Ellie Goulding's rendition of Elton John's 'Your Song' mixed tradition with her modern quirky voice at the  reception  - just as William and Catherine perfectly mix the tradition of the royal family with the modernity of their marriage.

     William and Catherine's marriage, although not life-saving, has put all but the most cynical of us in a good mood. It has made us all proud to be British; our traditional monarchy has managed to survive in such modern times and long may it continue.


  1. i like how you looked at it from a different point of view! you're right i did notice a slight change of mood in the air, however...i must admit...i was not excited about it, nor that interested to watch it. but i did read posts about the hats :P

  2. Very nice wedding! :)
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  3. Lotsa ppl been raving bout this Royal wedding, it is lovely i had to admit, but I like to watch this wedding as its a Fashion gala kinna event, for eg. celebrities in Hat madness. Lovely articles ;)
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  4. It was a very nice wedding, but I've seen some dresses too ridiculous!
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