Sunday, 29 May 2011

Models or Mortals?

        It has been two weeks since I last blogged properly. Two weeks too long:

       Lady GaGa has released 'Born This Way', the t-shirts for Japan have been released and we are now verging on June and the July issues of magazines it beholds. I have completed three AS levels and am left with just one on the sixth of June, as well as two A2 modules towards its end, but the reality is that my blogging routine is no longer interrupted by revision; it can recommence. And, whilst it is tempting to rant on in glee over the latest GaGa cut, I feel the need to return to my roots and address a fashion-based topic: Models.
        For those of you who don't know, Sex and the City episodes are the perfect revision inbetweener, at just over 20 minutes in length each, they provide a suitable amount of amusement for a suitable amount of time. Plus dated or not, it was, and always will be, one of the most fashionable shows around.

         In fact the last episode I watched was the catwalk one. You know the one, when Carrie is asked to feature in a fashion show, wearing Dolce & Gabbana underwear and ends up tripping on the runway, but  gets back up again and rocks it. Well, throughout the episode Carrie is unsure whether she wants to walk or not because she is just a person, not a model. 
         Now most people, including myself, would go without 'Glee' for a month just to go to a fashion show, let alone actually be in one, however, Carrie raises the issue that, whilst Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell have every right to walk the walk, why should she? She's not a model; it's not her job. 
         Yet as magazine covers have dictated in recent years, whilst models are a beloved part of the fashion industry, you needn't be one to be embraced by fashion. Tom Ford recently had a show in which both Beyoncé and Julianne Moore, walked alongside models and Naomi Campbell uses celebrities of all sorts in her annual charity catwalk. These people may all be famous but, like us, modelling is not their job. They just do it as a perk of their fame.

         Whilst models undoubtedly are some of the most beautiful people in the world and it is right for us to appreciate them - have you seen Jon Kortajarena(below)? - they are just people, who like Carrie Bradshaw, can write a column, just as she, like them, can walk on a runway. We needn't be intimidated by them nor their work, simply love it and if given the chance take part in it too. 

           Models have the best bone structure and most photogenic features in the world. Fact. But a model's purpose is to sell clothes and whilst, bone structure and beauty are important, confidence is key. And it is something, which we can all have, whether selling designer clothing on a runway or our own outfits as we walk down the street. Models are mortals and we are models - it's just that not all of us can get paid millions of pounds for it, mind you, not all 'models' can either.


  1. i'll stick with the last part...confidence is key! you can have the best features and the totally symmetric face and go about unnoticed without confidence!

  2. nice post! wish i watched sex & the city so i could understand the references you made. haha. i also completely agree with the last part of the post :)

  3. I love that Tom Ford advert with the guy. Gorgeous glasses too!

  4. Total agreement to the last part! Dressing well and carrying it off with confidence.