Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Non-Post: The Sequel

       Whilst last week I was on the verge of national exams, today I am in the midst of them and so, once again, I cannot write one of my usual full length posts. So for those of you who've never visited the site before please check out and enjoy any of the posts before exam season (the 15th of May) and for my lovely loyal followers - here are two music videos, which happen to be slightly related to my English exam tomorrow and are just generally worth watching.
       In the exam I shall firstly, be asked a question on Wilfred Owen's war poetry, which I somehow have managed to connect to the overlooked 'Madonna - American Life' video. Random - perhaps, but when writing about war poetry it's extremely easy to detach yourself from the realities, which soldiers faced and still do face today. This keeps me grounded, watch it and you'll understand. 

       Disturbing isn't it? Unfortunately, I am not sure how well a Madonna-Owen comparison would go down with an examiner but I leave it with you because just like Owen, she expresses how war should not be glorified, as it was in the 1900s and still is today.
      Secondly, on a lighter note, we have a question on Emily Brontë's 'Wuthering Heights', which if you haven't read it - read it. You may not like it but it's clever and no doubt, like me, you will fancy the villain Heathcliff, just as GaGa does 'Judas' and Alexandra Burke does her 'Bad Boys'. Now, whether this piece of 70s pop gold has any relevance to the exam or not, it is called 'Wuthering Heights'. Yes, the wonderfully wacky 'Kate Bush' song, whose dance and dress make for a priceless video. Enjoy.

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