Thursday, 9 June 2011

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

    Today being Thursday, I went to the gym. I went to the gym, in which a television has recently been installed, and, as in any gym, it plays music videos to amuse and encourage you, whilst you work out. The music spurs you on, whilst the videos allow you to briefly forget the fact that you may be carrying a 20kg weight in one of your hands. It is the perfect, harmless, virtual steroid.
      Yet when I went into the gym today, it seemed that working out was the last thing on anyone's mind. The new videos for Nicole Scherzinger and Jennifer Lopez were being played in succession and everyone was entranced watching them; the two  ooze a sex appeal equal to that of a Victoria's Secret model. It wasn't until the ad break appeared that people actually began to exercise, as they attempted to earn a physique either of or worthy of the two women.

    The current pop-scene itself is dominated by women - talented, well-dressed, sexy women, whose videos exemplify this. Amongst Lopez and Scherzinger, there is of course Beyoncé and her new 'Run The World' video, which features every designer possible from Emilio Pucci to the likes of Givenchy. The star herself looks as if she does, or at least should 'Run The World.' It's a fashionista's dream and a straight boy's other dream, with the result that it's the perfect marketing tool, as it appeals to both men and women alike.

     However, when the latest Lady GaGa movie masterpiece graced the gym's television screen, straight guys all around seemed somewhat disappointed - GaGa to them is not sexy. She herself is noted for saying that she isn't 'sexy' to men because she takes sex to such extremes in some of her videos that they find it weird. Their vision of sexiness really is limited to the Playboy bunny/Legally Bond 'I dropped my pen' bend and snap stereotype.
      One guy said that he thought 'GaGa was sexy in that 'Just Dance' clip but ever since then he's been turned off' - and this left me somewhat bemused. In her 'Just Dance' video she looks as normal as GaGa ever could, if not a little orange, whilst in the 'Judas' cut she looks beautiful, almost ethereal at times and the bath scene, which shows off her perfect figure is 'sexy'. Judge for yourself.

       She's not a Robert Palmer girl but she is sexy. She is confident and it's that which makes anyone sexy - and whilst men may have been offended by or unable to understand it in the likes of 'Love Game', they should attempt to understand it now because quite frankly, they are missing out. 
      And as for you girls out there, who are feeling slightly downhearted by the sex appeal of the women above, adopt a bit of their confidence. We all have the potential to be sexy just not necessarily in the conformist way of yesteryear, it's time for guy's to grow up and girls to get over themselves - sexiness has changed and mutated over the years - it is different.
       You may be sexy in a Charles Anastase 'librarian chic' way or in a quirky Givenchy manner - whatever it is, it doesn't matter, but if you're more GaGa than Scherzinger, be that way and if you're more Stella Tennant than Gisele, enjoy it. Why try to be sexy, when you needn't?


  1. Haha I have a love hate relationship with the televisions at the gym. They distract me whenever they are playing something good. I would probably be to distracted with the Beyonce video. Fashion overload! Amazing though.

    All the best, Angel

  2. i think i should get my bottom to the gym too...hahaha
    great post, cool songs and great tips!
    confidence is key!

  3. i love gaga's songs and that one from Beyonce kinda got stuck in my head... About the sexiness part... I don't know! Nicole is def the sexier!