Sunday, 26 June 2011

Fashion Fast Forward

        Exams are over, the sun is finally out and both Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld are about to star in a new adaptation of Romeo & Juliet together, with Ed Westwick to accompany them as Tybalt - life is good. 

       What's more is that it being the end of June can mean only one thing - new collections. For women there are the pre-season collections, which designers such as YSL and Jason Wu are now accustomed to doing, just as we have become accustomed to expecting them and for men the SS 2012 shows are already being held.
       And whilst in the past fashion has always kept ahead of itself, today it is doing so on speed. You will have just tried on this year's collection, when suddenly you begin admiring the one that you'll be trying on next year as it appears before you. It is ever-so wonderfully surreal in that, while to onlookers, it can seem painfully hard to keep track of, it is such a simple and hassle free system for the modern fashionista.
       Firstly, mere minutes after each show is held, photographs of the collection are uploaded onto the internet for the whole world to see on Blackberry's, iPads, net-books and the like. We needn't wait endlessly for a specific time or showing, just gaze and enjoy them at our own will, whenever we want, wherever we want.


       Moreover, you have plenty of time to decide which trends will suit you and your personality in time for the season itself. No sudden decisions need to be made because you can experiment before hand in order to think up and create your own unique on-trend looks for the season ahead. It literally is a case of no muss - no fuss.
      The pace allows you to routinely enjoy the looks of your favourite infamous designers, such as Marc Jacobs (below) and Versace (who's  in the process of collaborating with H&M now - eek!), while simultaneously delving into and discovering newer talent, whether it's that of the delightful Alexis Mabille (below) or the intriguing David Koma. You are then able to decide, which items of clothing will be worth saving up for in the months to come and do so, without having to hopefully wait for a bonus or a birthday. 

       The fact that fashion is on a constant fast-forward conversely allows us to rewind a little and intake the next season before it is over. It lulls you into a sense of relaxation, as there is no clear hurry to see everything, other than that of your innate desire. The pre-collections may seem a little unnecessary but who couldn't use a little (GREEN) tea in between their lunch and supper - who doesn't enjoy a pre-season Erdem show in between those of Prada and Proenza Schouler?
        Fashion doesn't stay still, it is ever changing and mutating, and that's exciting, but what's more so is that in conjunction with this, we have the time to stop, think and purchase as opposed, to purchase, purchase, purchase, stop...think - oh dear. I've got my eye on Raf Simons' new colour-block vests, although they wouldn't generally be my style but the beauty is I've got a whole year to work out whether they are.


  1. I like the way you write and I am excited to see the coming collections.. I think we are all super excited that Versace has teamed up with H&M. I know I will be there in line early in the morning..

    All the best, Angel

  2. Love this post Sam,
    I've been enjoying all the latest pre-season at work. Have some beautiful Stella McCartney pieces in.


  3. I don't know if I'm psyched for the Romeo & Juliet remake...I think the idea is a little overdone. I'll probably check it out nevertheless.

    I also agree with you on your views on summer fashion. Your blog is fantastic! Following you now :)


  4. nice post! and yeahh, I do really love Ed <3 haha
    Thanks for sharing... :)