Friday, 17 June 2011

The Ultimate Power Couple

        It has taken a painfully long time for Net-a-Porter to find her Mr Right - over a decade in fact. She appeared on our computer screens in the early 00s as an independent single woman on a mission to not only change the face of fashion but online shopping as a whole. Without her many women could still be without that treasured ‘Gucci’ dress or a self-bought but oh-so-worth-it Salvatore Ferragamo headscarf - without her fashion would be far less accessible than it is today.


        So why bother with a Mr Right, when she is, quite clearly, self-sufficient enough to survive alone? The truth is she needn't...well she needn't for her sake, but instead for man's. A male counterpart was necessary for us, in order that we might experience clothing in the way in which, Net-a has made it possible for women worldwide. And luckily for us, we now can because, at last, her love has come along. 
         In fact to our knowledge Net-a has actually been in a healthy, happy relationship with Mr Porter since their engagement was announced just over a year ago. The two have been married now for the best part of four months and their partnership is working seamlessly. Mr Porter lives alongside Net-a in a manner so modern and cutting edge, that he has adopted her surname and appears to not only be enjoying his work but loving it - God knows we are.
       The site like Net-a-Porter provides us with the crème-de-la-crème of fashion each season, an immediate pass to looks straight from the FROW - except, one difference of course, they are for men. It literally is fashion at our finger tips, as it means we are just a click away from purchasing a Jil Sander jumper or a Marc Jacobs mac.

     Of course this site does have the potential to be very dangerous: firstly, it is far more expensive and luxurious than the likes of its younger cousin ASOS and secondly it has the power to turn an entire generation of men into clones of 'Confessions of a Shopaholic's' lead Rebecca Bloomwood - BROKE. However, it is  finally giving us the fashion-based attention we deserve, which women are now accustomed to: good service, good quality, good extras.
       Naturally, we want clothes of the same worth and brilliance as women and naturally and we want them in the same hassle-free way. Neither of us really have hours to shop but we all have moments to click, particularly when we know it will result in us receiving these items before the end of the day. As for the quality, the list of designers speaks for itself, from Balenciaga to YSL and Rick Owens to Burberry Prorsum, they are all there, laid out clearly for the modern man to buy instantaneously and wear the following day to the jealousy and admiration of his peers.

       Then of course there are the extras, and boy does Mr Porter provide you with extras. From its very own STYLEPEDIA to its constant emails, you can never get enough of him - whether you choose to buy anything from him or not, he provides the perfect browsing experience. My personal favourite part, is the weekly icon supplement, which displays and compares styles throughout the years to effortless effect. It just works.
The Throne: King Louis XIV, The Silver Screen: Mr Humphrey Bogart, The Street

       The site like its wife is genius and, as it enters its first SALE, I encourage all of those, with a bit of money saved up for something special to visit it and enjoy; it has to be done. Through Net-a-Porter, Natalie Massenet, created a multi-million pound business and through it's new partner she is creating a masterpiece.
       Long may the relationship of the Porters continue - they seriously are the ultimate power couple.

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