Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Three Ms to look out for come AW

       Moschino, Mugler and Mulberry:

      They are three seemingly different brands, whose ateliers lie in all three of Europe's fashion capitals: Moschino in Milan, Mugler in Paris and Mulberry in London. And whilst each of these designer labels are renowned for very different reasons, they all share one aspect in particular, a sense of humour. 
      Moschino has its quirky, young aesthetic, which never fails to delight and amuse, Mugler its mysterious come sadomasochistic elements, which are always a joy to behold and Mulberry its innovative combination of luxury leather and geek-chic. And, as we can see below, they all work: 

      Up until his premature death, Franco Moschino never failed to amuse fashion's elite with his smile-inducing designs; Rossella Jardini's works are no different. In her AW collection, she makes granny-jumper/maxi mixes look divine and us not only appreciate but wish to buy and wear the chicken hat on Coco Rocha's head. Perhaps, most importantly, she creates dresses of the utmost quality: just look at the closing LBD - who wouldn't want to wear that?


        Thierry Mugler's humour is infamous and, like Moschino, he started an empire which lives on even under his partial retirement. With Lady GaGa's stylist Nicola Formichetti as creative director and the talented Sébastien Peigné, as womenswear designer Mugler is a force to be reckoned with. Its androgynous sex appeal, as shown by Kristina Salinovic (above), and playful theatrics, as shown by Coco Rocha (also abovethis girl is good), make this AW collection a must-wear. And having GaGa herself as the brand's newly appointed musical director does it no harm either.


       Now unlike Mugler and Moschino, Mulberry's humour is quintessentially British. A brand infamous for its much-wanted leather bags is now becoming just as famous for its penchant for geek chic. This AW is no different, as the brand embraces both knee-high socks and turtle-neck jumpers, with the result that it looks both prim and playful. And just like Moschino, Mulberry shows that it can create a beautiful black dress also - doesn't Milly Simmonds just look gorgeous.

       So come AW, embrace this humour - just as brands like Prada and Stella McCartney are doing so now. It is this humour, which draws us into the brands and the beauty which they behold; it reminds us that, whilst fashion is both 'art' and 'architecture', it is fun, and who doesn't want to be a part of that?

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  1. Can we discuss how brilliant Formechetti was to make Rico the face of his campaign>