Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Back To Life...Back To Reality

      Firstly I must apologise for my recent lack of blogging; I have just been in Uganda for two weeks with no internet access.
     For those of you who regularly read my blog, this trip may seem random in that Uganda is possibly the most homophobic country in Africa, it's not a fashion capital and it is hardly renowned for its holiday potential. However, whilst, I did not go there to lap up the sun or attempt to enjoy a spiritual-cultural-political-exchange on my Gap Yah, I went with a group of school friends in order to visit our link school, which we've been raising money for over the past four years. 

    And as cliché as it sounds the experience was brilliant, whether it involved African dancing, above, or teaching in the primary and secondary schools, it was both educational and enjoyable. Whilst it has not really changed me as a person, it has made more appreciative of the liberal life I lead and the access to fashion, which we in the western world have - it was worthwhile.
      However, two weeks is a long time.
     14 days may seem short on paper and it is when you are on a holiday but a lot can happen in 14 days; a lot has happened, whilst I have been away. 
    Primarily, there is the newborn Harper Beckham and I must become one of the umpteenth bloggers to congratulate the Beckhams on their first baby girl. The photographs are gorgeous, as expected, and they suggest that David and Victoria will be equally good at raising a girl as they are doing their boys - just think of the future wardrobe Harper will have!


    Then of course there has been the Rupert Murdoch scandal, Armani's announcement that Rihanna will become its new lingerie model and the final film instalment of Harry Potter. Perhaps most excitingly in the fashion world though, was Anja Rubik's wish-you-were-there Majorcan wedding, in which she wore a design of friend and employer, Emilio Pucci's Peter Dundas. 
     Rubik looked every bit the model she is, in the young yet extravagant dress, which both complimented her beautiful skin tone and showed off her gorgeous legs, whilst, her dashing husband - Sasha Knezevic, looked every bit the perfect man he is, in a simple, yet sharp, tuxedo. The wedding like that of Kate Moss' was picture perfect and its photos suggest that the couple will have a long and prosperous marriage.


    However, a lot more has happened than these few things, Pixie Lott has just been signed to Select Model Management and there are still plenty of menswear shows for me to check out. And so, whilst I fall back into my regular blogging routine I am going to try and be a little more adventurous. 
     My magazine variation may increase and my show searching might expand because I live in a country, in which this is easy and the fact that I love it makes it even more so. 


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