Sunday, 24 July 2011

In light of recent events...

         No-one could have predicted the last few days; death can be so sudden . 
        Whether it is in the form of terrorist attacks in Norway, a train crash in China or the premature loss of a  talented 27 year old, it hits us and it hits us hard. The majority of us, will not be directly affected by any of these deaths but will sympathise with those who are because we're human; my condolences go out to all those affected.
        However, luckily for, me and the majority of the world, we don't know people, who have died in the attacks or been killed in the train crash; we can move on. Yet with Winehouse, the situation is different. We did know her, not personally, but we knew her music - Back to Black, her unique style - the infamous Beehive, and caught glimpses of her personality in live performances and interviews alike - her Valerie intros. 
         Her death isn't any more important than anyone else's, just closer to us because we all knew her and we all knew of the addictions which she had.

* * *
        Last night I was finally able to see the Anne Fontaine directed Chanel biopic 'Coco Avant Chanel', and being a fashion-geek, I enjoyed it immensely. Audrey Tautou plays Chanel flawlessly from her expressions to her posture, and the costumes and intriguing nature of Chanel's life make the film a must-see.

    Chanel like Winehouse, was a remarkable woman. Neither were perfect but both shared a great level of integrity; throughout their lives they always stayed true to themselves. Winehouse, although plagued by addiction, never changed her musical style in order to suit what was popular at the time. In fact, it was her unique soulful, jazz, pop genre that started the sixties music revival. She didn't follow trends but created them.

      As for Chanel, she remains one of the most influential women ever to have lived on account of her individuality. Whilst she grew up and lived in a world where fashion was frivolity, she opposed the trend and created minimalistic dresses, hats and even trousers which focused on detail. Her infamous quote to always remove the last accessory you put on, was so pertinent in her time because people really did attempt to wear every accessory they owned at once.
      And, of course, Chanel's, legacy lives on. She was the independent woman so many girls aspire to become. She built a global business and it is now kept going under the talented hands of Karl Lagerfeld. Her unique image lives on, whether in beautiful ready-to-wear collections or divine couture, as we can tell from the most recent show. The dresses are extravagant but the silhouette is simple.

      It is in this way that Winehouse will live on because, just as Chanel's style continues to prosper, Winehouse's music will continue to be listened to. It is brilliant, as was she and whilst we mourn the losses in Norway and elsewhere, we will mourn the loss of her, in Lagerfeld's own words 'Britain's own Bridget Bardot'.

Amy Winehouse and all those killed in recent events.
May your souls rest in peace and your legacies live on.


  1. Coco Chanel was totally greatness :D i love audrey Tautou.
    greetings, the other fashion-geek :D

  2. i love Amy as hell....her vocal is one of a kind! :( loving this post...
    take care and check out my latest post and tell me what u think..