Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sales & Sizes

     On Thursday I finally had the chance to pop up to London. Firstly to catch up with some friends and secondly to invest in some last-minute SALE shopping. 

       Now often when you go shopping there will be stuff you which you want and stuff which you need and, whilst I may have wanted a pair of Jil Sander trousers, I needed a suit. I needed a suit and I needed one bad, so I decided to peruse the likes of Regent Street, Oxford Street and the King's Road in the hope that I would find a beautiful high-quality suit at a beautifully discounted price.
     For those of you who know me well, follow me on Twitter or have read this blog since its humble beginnings you will know that I am an adamant fan of the Kooples. From it's skinny fitting trousers to it's unique detailed accessories, the brand is something of a muse for my style and whilst I can rarely afford it's full price pieces I can often invest in some of its on sale items.
       So come Thursday afternoon I decided to hit the King's Road store in the expectation that I would find the suit of my dreams and consequently, live happily ever after. Well, of course, I did find the suit of my dreams and it was in the sale, yet, it being three days before the sale came to a close meant that they did not have this perfect grey suit in my size. 

       ...I told you it was perfect. The trousers fitted, even if they were a little tight around the waist; but that worked for me anyway because the skinny fit of a 44 suits my legs better than that of a 46 and the material does stretch or, if need be, it can be let out. However, it was the idea of me attempting to wear it's complimenting jacket that made me squirm in self-pity. It was too small - the sleeves were too short, the fit was too restraining and that was that.
       However, subsequently, I did manage to purchase a wonderful pair of on sale olive chinos there (in a 44), amongst Topman accessories, a River Island t-shirt and then indeed a skinny suit, which happens to be a lovely Ben Sherman one but still, it was that Kooples suit, which I wanted and it was the Kooples suit, which I wasn't able to get. Sad times.
        With sales you have to be ruthless, in the summer they start mid-June and it is then if not early July that you should tend to them, otherwise disappointment is inevitable and disappointed I was. You can play with sizing sometimes but you can't play with sizing always...looking as though you're wearing a suit of your parent's or child's is not attractive. Suss out your sizes, stick to them and all will work out well.
        I did not get the suit, which I wanted but I did learn a valuable lesson and looking at the new Kooples campaign, it looks as though there are plenty of other perfect suits for me to purchase next time a Sale should happen, only this time - I'll get there on time and hopefully, you will too.

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  1. love this picture of the Kooples !