Wednesday, 27 July 2011


   Right now, we find ourselves in the midst of #theawkwardmomentwhen fashion finds itself balancing between the collections of AW and SS.

    The weather is, or at least should be, that of SS right now and we want to wear SS clothes - simples. However, as we flick through magazines and  fashion blogs alike, we find ourselves gazing upon this year's set of AW collections and all the trends they behold - not so simples.
     Thus, whilst most of us are still hoping to make last minute purchases on on-sale SS items, we are simultaneously caught up in the excitement of what AW has to offer. The conundrum as to whether we should splash out on a pair of SS D&G shorts now or save up for something more on-trend in the season to come suddenly arises, and it's a tough one. The shorts are so nice, the discount price is so incredible and you're going on holiday...yet, will you still be wearing them come September? - No.
      This is only made more awkward by the fact that the Paris and Milan SS 2012 men's shows have already happened - models have walked, designs have been displayed and photos have been uploaded. There's more  for us to look at and there's more for us to save up for. Whether it's sumptuous shoes at Costume National Homme or made-for-magazine mac's at Dries Van Noten, the season is filled with classics - timeless, quirky classics...the only trouble is we've got the best part of a year until we can buy them - awkward.

    However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. As a society we've become accustomed to awkward situations, we're not scared of them, in fact most of us seem to have some sort of perverse fetish for them. Who doesn't love a good awkward turtle, palm tree, giraffe, paws, birth (this one's particularly fun, seeing as you actually imitate giving birth during the awkward moment)? - the list goes on.
    We may find ourselves in the midst of confusion as trends of midi-skirts, jewel tones and sixties vibes become mixed in with our now well practised colour-blocking, whites and of course stripes but who doesn't love a good trend-blend? We can now buy the items this season, which we know will translate into the next.
      Androgyny, on the one hand, is set to continue it's well-deserved hype, as we've seen it step up a gear at the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Kors and the glamour trend seems to be going nowhere as Roberto Cavalli's new suits have undoubtedly proved. Even tangerine has persevered in places, just look at Hermès, not to mention Burberry.

      Yes, this time can become a bit of a kerfuffle because there is so much going on but who doesn't love a kerfuffle, particularly when it's fashion filled? Right now, there is an overflow of fashion - fact. However, whether you're drowning in it or swimming, you are drowning or swimming in fashion and in all honesty, what else would you want to do?

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  1. Great post! This is the awkward moment in fashion and I love how you described it :) I've noticed that when shopping now I think to myself 'ok, if I buy this, can I make it work during the fall/winter too by adding tights/jacket/sweater?' It is such a conundrum, the weather makes me want to buy flirty summer dresses, but knowing Fall clothes are starting to emerge makes me hold back.

    xx Ashlei