Friday, 1 July 2011

U Got The Look

     It’s been done - Beyoncé has performed at Glastonbury and, despite much cynicism, her 2-hour set list was well received by crowds and critics alike. The infamous popstress really did channel her inner Janis Joplin and thus successfully promoted her now-number-one-on-iTunes album ‘4’ to a new scene of people. She was, quite simply, brilliant (bar her pronunciation of the town Glastonbury).

    It’s strange though, ten years ago Beyoncé wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Glastonbury – the festival is a home of authentic rock, folk and indie music not pitch-perfect pre-practiced pop. Yet pop is not what the festival has become, nor is it really what Beyoncé sung - she set her songs and covers to alternate backings and got her growl on, creating a new form of pop - a new style.

        And, in all honesty, it's refreshing to hear something new and individual. The fact that it's original makes it current and it's this originality, which is becoming more and more appreciated in all forms of style. Ladies such as Beyoncé, Adele and Laura Marling own the musical world on account of their unique genres, whilst the likes of Clemence Poesy and Theo Hutchcraft continually grace the pages of magazines and blogs alike due to their individual fashion senses. 
     Poesy's look, although undoubtedly French, is influenced by both British and American styles as a result of her position in both European and American media. The result is a wardrobe both original and enviable - not to mention expensive due to her short stint on Gossip Girl. She is a transatlantic actress with a transatlantic style and consequently her style translates to all, as she combines looks from both sides of the pond to suit her.


     Similarly Hutchcraft's look works on account of its individuality; whilst he plays with vintage trends, such as tie pins and slicked-back hair, he refrains from ever directly mimicking the Mad Men 60s style of yesteryear. He updates the look with the modern twist of a skinny fit trouser or the extra addition of piping on a pinstripe suit. The result is marvellous and it manages to express him in the same manner as his music.

      Trends and styles are no longer mutually exclusive; they can and should mix. You needn't solely focus on one statement style but focus on yours. I, myself, having been bought up a Polo boy was never quite suited to being overtly preppy. So since my early teens I have attempted to find and now feel that I have my own style - not my mother's.
      However I could not ditch the preppiness altogether, so I now integrate my preppy pieces into the indie pieces of my more recent wardrobe - the result can be described as indie-prep but in reality it's more than that; its my look - the look for me. The question is have you got the look - the look for you?

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  1. She was at a rock festival? How random! I have never really been a fan of Beyonce. Adele on the other hand, I can listen to her all day..

    All the best, Angel