Monday, 15 August 2011

Crazy in LOVE

      'L is for the way you look at me, O is for the only one I see, V is very very extraordinary, E is even more than anyone that you adore can...LOVE.'

      Now whether you associate those lyrics with Nat King Cole himself or, indeed, the Lindsay Lohan remake of 'The Parent Trap', one thing is certain - they did not refer to the genius of a magazine that is Katie Grand's biannual fashion extravaganza 'LOVE'. However, if a man or woman as stylish as Cole were to sing those lyrics now, I assume that their thoughts may digress to it, after all it is 'very very extraordinary'.
       Ever since it's launch just two years ago in February 2009, it was clear that LOVE was going to be a fashion lover's essential, in that, whilst like any fashion magazine it drips with pages of high-end designer advertising, it goes against the curve with it's edgy in-your-face editorials and in-depth interviews. 
       Through LOVE Grand has created a brand so brash it defies conventionality and so unique it always excites..and what better way to premier this ideal than by putting a  naked  Beth Ditto on it's front cover. A shot which could have so easily lead to disaster, yet under the talented stylist-turned-editor hands of Grand is the modern equivalent of a renaissance painting; Ditto becomes a Botticellian goddess.

File:Beth Ditto Love Mag.jpg

     The secret to LOVE - it has no fear. As opposed to compromising its ideas for commercial appeal it shoves two fingers in your face and does what it likes. It's the magazine, which all free-thinking photographers and journalists like Stephen Lock and Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot need to work for in order to avoid the constrictions of monthlies and express themselves. 
        Coincidentally Mert and Marcus have taken every cover shot of LOVE, since its start, helping it become the masterpiece it is today. From naked portraits of the worlds most well-known supermodels to an unabashed lesbian kiss between Lea T and Kate Moss, they create beauty in the most unassuming  of ways and defy the boundaries of modern photography; LOVE defies the boundaries of modern magazines.

     And as it transpires, even after 6 consecutive issues the duo are hardly running out of ideas. The latest issue is perhaps their most intriguing yet in that through the simple use of tears it makes both teen sensations and beautiful models evolve into human beings; making their extreme looks even more so and giving the shots an honesty rarely captured in photography.

      However, the magazine does not rely on it's photographs alone; it's journalism is also key in that gives you an insight into the lives of people, who are not promoting a brand or a latest project, but their ideas. Where else would you learn of Diane Von Furstenburg's sexual history and Christopher Lemaire's vision behind Hermès?
       LOVE is crazy but crazy-good. From it's content to it's elaborate font it works and for that reason I like most of the fashion world are crazy in LOVE with it...the question is: are you? 

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  1. I can never find this magazine, which drives me crazy but then again my town doesn't have a great bookstore either. I still remember that Beth Ditto cover - can't believe that was two years ago!