Wednesday, 14 September 2011

GaGa by Gaultier - The Perfect KitKat Break

      It being the September of my final year of school, makes this a very stressful time of year - Personal Statements are due, UCAS forms need to be filled and I must begin to envisage a life outside school. Luckily for me, school is not my life. Yes - I love it, but fashion and other forms of culture are what drive and inspire me. Thus, this evening, in the midst of the madness, I had the pleasure of pausing to watch 'GaGa by Gaultier' - the perfect KitKat break.

         As avid followers of my blog and friends will be painfully aware, GaGa is to me, what Barbie is to a young girl - the perfect person - she does what I want her to do, provides me with much amusement and simultaneously  looks amazing. The only difference is that GaGa does what I want her do of her own accord, often before I even know I want her to do it. 
          Of course, I wanted her to be interviewed by interesting people, but even I couldn't have predicted that Jean Paul Gaultier would abandon his designer role and take the reigns as an interviewer for this one-off but incredibly enjoyable one hour special.
          Like GaGa in music, Gaultier is an innovator in fashion. His looks are never dull, his concepts never copied, as his AW couture collection proves. It is 100% Gaultier in its theatricality, yet 100% relevant and beautiful in it's elegant humor. And with models, such as the ever-so current Karlie Kloss and eternally striking Erin O'Connor on the catwalk, Gaultier managed too add another beautiful collection to his incredible repertoire - Coca Rocha's draped look being a particular favourite of mine.

          Thus, both he and GaGa made for the perfect interviewing pair. Equally eccentric and equally wonderful they clicked. And whilst GaGa has been known to not get on with all her interviewers - her first Jonathan Ross one was frosty to say the least, when she does, magic is made, we see her for who she is, a funny, outgoing young woman, who despite being 25, is incredibly mature.
         The fact that Gaultier was involved in it meant that it was incredibly stylish too. The special had a brilliant monochrome interview setting, which mixed in with that of his own atelier, as the two passed through on occasion to gaze at Gaultier's latest works and discuss what fashion means to GaGa. 
           GaGa goes onto state that it is the links between fantasy and reality in fashion that inspire her and consequently cause her and the Haus of GaGa to create the looks she is so famous for. Whether its her cigarette glasses or her telephone hat, the looks are an interpretation of her imagination, one that as we can see in GaGa's new set of 'You  and I' fashion videos, never stops working.

             It is concepts, such as this, which inspire Gaultier also and it is this mutual love and vision that makes the GaGa by Gaultier interview so enjoyable, as it unites two incredible artists in the most informal  and fashionable of situations. What's more, is that in just under an hour in length, it really is the perfect KitKat break.


  1. I think Lady Gaga has been doing so great with her fashion choices lately, especially all the beautiful Versace she's been wearing. It's not just crazy - and I say that with love - it's beautiful.

  2. G&G. Gaultier and Lady Gaga both are best :)
    i have also quite much to do whit my uni... well.. we will manage! :) im not a huge fan of sitting and being really academic but we will manage :)


  4. i got something for you in my blog ;)