Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Art of Juggling

    Throughout day-to-day life we juggle. Whether it's balancing our work-life with our social-life or our school-life with our fashion-life, we juggle the mundane activities with the not so mundane. We do this to stay human - to read Vogue, to watch Downton Abbey and to attend that friend's 18th we've been dying to go to without turning into some sort of self automated robots which work and work until, eventually, they stop.

       Fashion being the fun but fickle world it is, is always on the go - there rarely seems to be a moment for designers to breathe let alone embark upon a new collection...but that's the beauty of it. We can stop but fashion doesn't, it constantly mutates and changes whilst we watch with awe. Most designers have two collections a year to juggle with: an AW effort and some SS designs - simples. 
      However in this crazy world some do men's on top of that and a few wonders head renowned labels too. Of course these people have their helpers - most of them were a helper at one stage in their careers, but the sheer effort, energy and strength it takes to helm numerous brands is always applaudable. Two men who do this every season without fail, this one being no exception, are fashion's resident king Karl Lagerfeld and its undisputed prince Marc Jacobs.

      Lagerfeld is, as we all know, head designer of Chanel and artistic director of Fendi, not to mention designer of his own eponymous label if and when he has time for it. And so, taking couture into account he creates and develops six if not seven or eight collections a year - jetting between both Paris and Milan to debut his designs. The man is a mystery. What's more is that each collection he releases never fails to live up to his fashion famous name. 
       His most recent collection for Fendi was Fendi at it's best: sexy simplicity so Italian it would make up the entire wardrobe for La Dolce Vita were it released today. From the accessories to the hair no detail went un-thought of...and the same applies to his latest works for Chanel. Each item of clothing acts as its own art-piece be it culottes or clutches and whatever collection it may be, Lagerfeld always creates beauty. A beautiful capsule - watched and wanted by all.

      Jacobs shares a similar story, currently being tagged as Galliano's successor, the fashion world literally is Jacobs very own glammed-up oyster. As Art Director of Louis Vuitton and head of his own labels Marc by Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs, he like Lagerfeld runs six to eight collections annually, amongst perfume and event attending on the side - thus making him another of fashion's ever-expanding group of ever working talents, all be his collections slightly different to those of Lagerfeld.
       Marc by Marc Jacobs offers a unique take on classics that work and suit everybody, whilst holding that Marc Jacobs look. Whereas as his personal label is a little less restrained - his use of materials such as silicone and synthetic fibres makes him the renowned designer he is today, inspiring all of those around him. This AW his Louis Vuitton collection has been the undisputed leader of the fetish trend and looking onto his most recent works it looks like come next SS girls worldwide will be pining for the ethereal allure of his LWDs.

      Both Jacobs and Lagerfeld are fashion royalty and it's all because they eat, sleep and breathe it, that and the fact that they have so perfectly mastered the elusive art of juggling.

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  1. You're absolutely right. What Karl Lagerfeld did for Fendi is absolutely brilliant this time. It's just splendid...!