Friday, 21 October 2011

The Importance of Introduction

      An introduction is always important whatever the scenario. If you are at an event and a friend spies someone, who you might share similar interests with, they introduce you to them and if all goes as planned the two of you kick it off, meet again for coffee, start a business together and maybe somewhere down the line get married. In the most recent Rihanna video Agyness Deyn's introduction is important; it sets the scene for the rest of the video.

       Introductions start relationships be they inane or important and one world in which this couldn't be more true is that of fashion. Models become muses after being introduced to designers, designers become desirable after being introduced to fashion editors and in terms of the general public the media introduces us to each and every aspect of the fashion world as it mutates and changes around us. The internet introduces us to each and every new collection as it debuts be it that of Bottega Veneta or Balenciaga.

      And the same applies for fashion magazines. Fashion magazines like the internet introduce us to everyone and everything that is important in the fashion world right now, the only difference is that they often choose and nurture those who they introduce; they help create everyone and everything that is important in the fashion world right now.
        A designer may be appreciated in their circle but a designer is rarely a successful designer until they have been written and raved fact as some of the darker Alexander McQueen shows prove, they needn't be raved about just discussed: 'all publicity is good publicity'. Need I mention any collection other than his controversial 1995 highland rape show?

      Magazines help talented people become successful and renowned just as successful renowned people help sell magazines. The two share a mutual relationship like the Beckhams - Victoria's Posh Spice status turned David into a celebrity, whilst his footballing success has kept Victoria in the public eye up so that she could create her own designer brand.
      The two are loyal as well: if a magazine bigs up a designer, soon after that designer's work will become commonplace within the fashion editorials of that magazine. By the time the brand becomes a well-known fashion house they will continue to feature in that magazine out of loyalty. Similarly if a magazine praises a model soon enough after they will appear in its spreads and then eventually on its front cover.
       One need only look at the beautiful Freja Beha Erichsen to understand: a few years ago she was hardly known but in 2005 after becoming an instant catwalk hit she became the muse of many a magazine. After featuring in the likes of i-D, whose up-to-date based sales were aided by her as they helped promote her and her talent, she began to model in the coveted magazine spreads of Vogue and 5 years after her initial success she hit British Vogue's cover in August 2010.

     Vogue, or at least British and certainly American Vogue, sells due to its celebrity covers but British Vogue has this wonderful relationship with its models in which it introduces and promotes them endlessly until they become celebrities to Vogue readers and then, once they earn this status, they become cover girls. An introduction may not create instantaneous success but, as Vogue proves, it can lead to it and for that reason alone an introduction can be ever so important.
        And on that note I introduce you to Lanvin's AW 2011 campaign because if you haven't already seen it, it is quite simply genius. Enjoy.

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  1. Hi this was great posting! i saw this lanvin ad in some weeks ago and instant loved it! thank you for reminding me of this, because i didnt remember anymore which one had this awesome video :) :) i love the style! have a nice weekend!