Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Fashion Appraisal

        We live in a day and age in which criticism is unavoidable. On a day to day basis we criticise people both internally and externally...often concerning what people wear. We are criticised and in turn we criticise others; it's natural. However, whilst criticism can be fun and often is an effective learning curve - there is a fine line between criticism and bitching and whilst criticism is cool bitching is not so.
       Criticism addresses flaws and mistakes in order that we might gain from them - it takes a negative and moves on from it positively. Whereas bitching points out the flaws in others unnecessarily and inappropriately, often in order to make us feel better about ourselves...something which is ever so easy to do. From women's weeklies to the tabloids there are entire columns devoted to bad-mouthing celebrity looks and whilst for the most part we like to look at outfits of others to see what works and what doesn't...sometimes we just want to see the perfect look not-so perfect. Sometimes we're just bitches.

      It's this bitching which can get sickening; it harms others and it harms ourselves. Sometimes it's important just to eat a bit of humble pie and move on. This is, after all, where many fashion monthlies succeed - they appraise successes. Instead of bitching over fashion faux-pas they applaud head-stopping style. They give   mistake-makers the chance to redeem themselves; those who muck-up mid-career a second chance. When John Galliano was fired from Dior, whilst the general media was all over the shop, fashionistas took into account his whole situation, digested it and left it behind.
     Thus whilst I find myself busy with deadlines, interviews, play rehearsals and the like, I am taking this momentary escape to take note from fashion and appraise it, to promote the high fashion which SS 2012 promises.

       For women: 

      Whilst it may seem as though our winter warmers are here to stay with bobble hats beginning to make their mark, it looks as though the ladies among us will have a painless swap come SS next year. Fashion's foremost designers have outdone themselves once more. From the daring multi-prints of London's Mary Katrantzou, to the ankle-skirt jumper combos of Jil Sander the extroverts will have a field day when March appears and as YSL's modern adaptations of its classic suits and jumpsuits prove, the season will have something for everyone.

        For men:

     Of course boys it's not as though we have been forgotten either, in fact far from it. The family duo DSquared2 have built on the boldness which brightened up our catwalks last SS with an array of lively chinos, not to mention brilliant print-play shirts. In contrast agnès b. has shown that daring can work alongside dandy this SS with an array of neckerchief masterpieces mixed in with modern chino blazer cuts and Alexander McQueen proves with its smart-casual creations that this look can carry off a more laid-back approach as well.

        In fact, as these designers prove, it looks as though there is a lot to look forward to in the not so distant future of fashion and very little to criticise, let alone bother bitching about.


  1. no bitching please ;-)
    just amazing style
    have a nice and stylish weekend darling
    come and say Hi, we could start a stylish friendship
    The Dolls Factory

  2. Very nice views of style shared in this post. Keep up the good work going on and thanks for sharing!