Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Nostalgic Appeal of Dressing Up

      Throughout our lives we dress up: occasionally in costume, often in outfit. When attending an event we rarely go in our day to day wear but instead make that extra bit of effort and delve into the depths of our closets or local department stores to find something more suited to the occasion. You wouldn't turn up to the Opera in your ASOS trackies just as you wouldn't lounge in front of 'The X Factor' in a Tom Ford tuxedo - different outfits suit different things. 
         As a child a party was an excuse for me to dress up as a monster or cross-dress - come on boys who doesn't secretly enjoy wearing tights? Now that I'm older not much has changed I still enjoy the occasional bit of drag and I am a self confessed little monster; the difference is I now know that to dress up I needn't wear a costume. I needn't shove on a Godzilla mask or try as desperately as I can to look as feminine as Andrej Pejic's god-given DNA allows him.

     However Halloween, much like themed parties, is different. It is the perfect time to put on a costume, whatever it may be. It allows you forget about your inhibitions and dress as whatever you want and literally re-live your childhood fantasies. It gives you the chance to get creative or as Mean Girls so bluntly puts it 'In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.'
     And, whilst a sexy catwalk Louis Vuitton fetish combination is a success, it is the extra thought of celebrities and friends alike which can make Halloween such a special evening. One need only look at the efforts of those who have attended the likes of Heidi Klum's annual Halloween extravaganza to see the brilliance of costume. Jessica Alba's take on Dora the Explorer in 2009 was an unforgettable achievement - does anyone else find her strangely scary?

      And so this Halloween I planned to go all out, re-live my childhood years and dress up, as the Black Swan - drag and fashion all mixed into one mysterious bundle of Rodarte-esque brilliance. Sadly however last minute a friend of mine had forgotten to bring me her black leotard which would have made the centrepiece of my costume. I couldn't dress as I had hoped; instead I had to make do with what was already in my closet.
       However the party wasn't over, whilst I was unable to achieve the humour of Jessica Alba through a themed costume I did manage to layer on some guy-liner and get hold of a top hat. I didn't get hold of a hilarious outfit but I did dress up which allowed me to look and feel great and as a result have a great time with my friends for the entire evening.

     Dressing up is something which, whatever your age, is fun. Whether it's in costume or just a change of get-up,  it's something which allows us to dress how we'd like to, free of judgement and it's something we should all embrace and maybe adopt slightly more into our lives - embrace our GaGa. Halloween is the perfect occasion for it; it is the perfect occasion to encourage it and that's why readers 'it has recently come to my attention that I love Hallowe'en'.

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