Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Holiday Chic

It's official - whilst the weather may be far from snowy and our present shopping far from complete...the holiday season is here. Nativity plays are being put on, candy canes are being handed out and festive lights surround the city streets. Christmas is all around and whether we celebrate it or not, a day off is at our doors and the chance to sit with the family, put our feet up and reflect upon 2011.
And fashion is embracing the Christmas spirit too – one need only look at the Selfridges window displays to see that Christmas cheer is here as it sells an array of AW designs in a winter wonderland theme. Even Karl Lagerfeld has appeared to take the season to heart in Paris with his quirky new doll displays for Chanel. As they indeed suggest that, if any of us are lucky enough, Lagerfeld could be our very own Father Christmas this season. Here’s hoping…

And that's what's so wonderful about this time of year - regardless of profession or background it affects us all.  Even in the fashion world people stop for a day to appreciate tradition. We take a pause and look at what's most important in life: family. In fact, if we are lucky, it's the products of the fashion world which bring our families together. As we give and receive the produce of AW designs, be they Topman fair-isles or Calvin Klein knitted snoods, in prospect of the winter weather to come.
However, this year my Christmas will be different. It will not be full of winter relevant gifts this year because this evening I fly to Australia. I will be spending two weeks with my family down under. The Christmas spirit will be there but the weather will not; it will be summer. Cardigans and jumpers will be locked away at home and shorts and shades will be out on show. I will have the chance to embrace SS fashions once more as I make an escape into the luxury of holiday chic.

And it is holiday chic which we all enjoy when abroad, whether our escape is to the Alps or Argentina. It allows us to select a collection of clothes from our wardrobes which will allow us to look fabulous for each and every day of our holiday: from Jerry Hall swimsuit perfection to Missoni après ski glamour the holidays are our very own fashion parade. Holidays after all are full of photos – appearance is important and heaven knows if you’re like me you pack everything you can to give you options. You won’t wear everything you pack but you will look good every day of the holiday because you can.            
It is this spirit which we as fashionistas should attempt to apply to our day to day lives wherever we are – there may not always be a camera in front of us but that doesn't matter; we needn't be in a special place with special people to make an effort. We can make an effort for ourselves. As British Vogue focuses on in this month’s issue – escapes abroad are important. They provide interest and intrigue to our lives but we can achieve this escape through fashion…the backdrops of the shoots below merely reflect what the clothes the models wear themselves achieve: escape.

            And so this Christmas wherever you may be: at home, on holiday – escape with holiday chic. Utilise fashion for its purpose and enjoy because with fashion every day can feel like a holiday…fashion and a bit of  classic Maddona.

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