Thursday, 26 January 2012

Let's Hear It For The Boys

       As we find ourselves in the midst of admiring the current crop of couture, from Lagerfeld's latest what-is-it-exquisite Chanel collection to Versace's much anticipated return to the week of high-fashion, it seems only right to take a second, breathe and look back at what has been two brilliant weeks of innovative design and seamless excellence for men's fashion. Put the girls on pause and give us men the stylistic attention which we deserve. Let's, in true Footloose style, hear it for the boys.

       Now for many a man fashion is still somewhat of a second thought. Whilst the majority of us are more style conscious than ever, our appreciation and care for men's fashion, shows and designers themselves still leaves something to be desired. This is, after all, reflected not only by ourselves but by our news-stands, which host many a magazine devoted mainly to women's fashion but few focused mainly on men's. Although the likes of GQ and Esquire do feature clothe-devoted columns, they do not centre solely on fashion. There is no male fashion bible.
        However, with men's designs continuing to rival women's in the fashion sakes, it would seem that it is our turn to leave the past behind us and pay attention to the attention which we in turn are being given by designers. From playful yet sophisticated chic on the catwalks of Milan to quirky yet trend-setting elegance on the runways of  Paris, the two cities have provided us with an abundance of designs to gaze at and enjoy come AW 2012-13, whatever our personal styles may be.


     If there is one thing which the AW 2012-13 shows in Milan have given us, it's choice. From Versace's fluorescent florals and selection of wear me again-and-again coats to Andrea Pompilio' humorous yet smart day to night designs, there is plenty for the more extrovert among us to play with - apes and all. And of course, even for the more reserved of us there are more muted designs to take comfort in. Burberry for one has provided us with something a little more simplistic than its counterparts. Its sharp takes on traditional suits are completely inoffensive and that quilted emerald gilet is sure to make many a man happy come our AW showers.


      Whilst Milan has given us choice, Paris has given us texture. From eccentric needlework to minimalistic cuts, men's fashion is set to be filled with texture come next AW. Be it at Yves Saint Laurent, where Stefano Pilati has delved into cross texturing with his leather-cotton basics or at Jean Paul Gaultier, where Gaultier  has embraced texture in his own innovative set of patchwork pieces, texture is at the forefront of Parisian fashion. Even in the midst of Raf Simon's tongue and cheek school boy image, there is texture in his layering, something which all of us guys can easily do whether it's now or next winter.

      So there we have it a snippet of what Men's fashion weeks have to offer...but that's all it is a snippet and it's up to us men not to shy away from fashion but to embrace it, find out our favourite designers and follow them because they, like art and literature, can make our lives that little bit more interesting.

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