Wednesday, 15 February 2012


     For one reason or another we as a human race find it hard to take each other seriously. Whether it's a politician who's received one or two Clegg-ups in their lifetime or a singer who's risen to fame off of the back of a reality TV show, we form preconceived opinions about people and we overlook them. We assume that they have little if any talent and decide that they deserve about as much recognition in their field as a member of the BNP does in parliament. It's unfair's life.
        However, as unfair as these judgements may be, they can have positive effects. The backlash of the public and critics alike can break people but it can also make them. It can cause those who are judged to persevere. It can cause them to work harder, cut off the hackneyed labels of their haters and prove themselves so that they, along with those who had to climb their way up the labour ladder, are taken seriously. It cements the likes of Victoria Beckham in the fashion world.

        Beckham was of course Posh Spice, one fifth of the world's largest ever girl group: The Spice Girls. She was a pop star first and foremost and when the band officially disbanded in 2001 she even had a few successful solo singles, which may or may not be guilty pleasures of mine, before giving up music. However, having remained in the public eye as the WAG of David Beckham throughout the early 00s...there was no surprise that, when she actually did go on to launch first a denim label in 2006 and then her own designer brand in 2008, eyebrows were raised.
     Yet what the critics didn't foresee under their poised brows was the talent Beckham possessed. Her debut collection was met with rave reviews and successfully established a place for her demure designs, suited not only to her but women in general, in NYFW. What's more is that she hasn't tripped herself up since but stomped into the acclaim of naysayers and fans alike, even bagging herself the 'Designer of the Year' award at the BFAs. And if her most recent, military, collar featuring collection (above) is anything to go by she'll stay popular for years to come.  

         Like Beckham, Christian Siriano is a designer who has faced the harsh scrutiny of onlookers. He is after all best known for winning both Season 4 of Project Runway with his undeniable potential and the public over with his sassy persona, not to mention his unforgettable catchphrase 'hot tranny mess'. Thus, despite his immediate commercial success, it has taken him the best part of three years to get the critics on board but boy does he deserve it now. His SS collection (above centre) was a pretty coherent citrus delight of organza and his AW bikers and fishtail dresses (above) will no doubt be coveted come the end of the year.
       And alongside Beckham and Siriano there is of course their matriarch Stella McCartney who, upon entering the industry as daddy's little rich girl with Naomi Campbell, Yasmin Le Bon and Kate Moss modelling free in her graduation show, is now a talent in her own right. After just two collections she was appointed the Creative Director of Chloe and is now fashion royalty. Her AW polka-dot dresses were must haves this season and her paisley designs are set to be ones this SS. The fashion world is entranced by her and as we admire her AW pre-collection (centre/below) we can't help but wait with bated breath for the main one this month.

       Fashion like any industry is filled with talents, who both have had and are yet to overcome the misconceptions of others but as the collections above deem it's ever so exciting when they do.  As Natalia Kills demonstrates (below) in an AW Stella McCartney polka-dot number for her 'Kill My Boyfriend' video, there often is talent behind the hands of those who seem to effortlessly enter the industry. Seriously.


  1. Great thoughts and hmm..i kind of like this video :D

    1. It's great isn't it - I unashamedly love Natalia Kills!

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