Thursday, 26 April 2012


       As humans we evolve. Like Pokémon - yes Pokémon - we develop. We may not have seven exact stages to our lives, as Shakespeare suggests in As You Like It, but we do play 'many parts'. We grow from babies into toddlers, toddlers into children, children into teenagers and teenagers into adults. We change...and over the course of the past few years Lindsey Wixson has changed. No longer is she the gap-toothed girl that was teased for her atypical looks in prep-school but instead the gap-toothed young adult who storms the runways of Alexander McQueen and Victor & Rolf alike.
       And she is also the girl, who has just turned 18, and whilst I am not an international model like Wixson, I too have recently turned 18. I may not be a fashion phenomenon that poses for Vogue Italia but I too have made the transition from being a teenager to being an adult and, whilst I don't feel particularly different, I have grown. I may not have instantly changed from boy to man but I have evolved. Physically I have changed - I used to be blonde and now am brunette, I used to be fairly podgy and now am athletic and what's more is that I've gone through that awkward gawky stage which almost all teenagers go through.
        Moreover, mentally I have changed. In the space of a few short years I have gone from being an insecure boy who listened to Mariah Carey ballads at night to make himself feel better - Hero, of course Hero - to a young adult who listens to Mariah Carey ballads for a nostalgic laugh - although I must admit I listen to 'Always Be My Baby' in all seriousness, it's beautiful...I digress. Anyway in the space of a few short years I have evolved. But what is evident too is that along with myself, my style has evolved also - one need only look at the pictures below to see that it has changed.


       Back in the 90s my style was somewhat different. When I was younger my mother did, after all, dictate exactly what I wore. As a baby she put me in twee little all-in-ones to hide my sticky-out ears and exemplify just how cute I was, as a toddler she turned me into something of a poster boy for Polo Ralph Lauren by putting me in little chino/polo combinations and as a child I entered  the obligatory GAP phase, which so many of us do in the early years of our lives, courtesy of her. My style was preppy - but it wasn't mine it was my mothers.


       Yet come the time when I actually had the capability/desire to decide exactly what I wore instead of chuck on whatever my mum laid out for me in the morning - this slowly began to change. The style of my childhood began to drip away and, in its place, my current style grew. Of course up until the point I realised that a world did exist outside preppy, Jack Wills became my port of call - but in the intervening time between then and now I  dabbled in neon belts, sweat bands and a host of other things. My style became the apotheosis of my mother's  intentions. 


       And now it has been edited with a range of indie delights - not to mention jewellery. My hair has gone from being a preppy floppy cut to an indie undercut and ultimately my style is rather different. Of course the preppiness of my youth is still there be it in a lesser form, it is, after all, an inescapable part of me, but now instead of drowning myself in preppiness, I mix my Ralph Lauren with my Kooples. I mix my indie with my preppy to create a style that is undoubtedly me and expresses both me and the image I want to create for myself. Aged 18 I have found my style.



       However, what is exciting is that I am only 18 - and whilst indie-prep is my style now this will no doubt develop in years to come. In twenty years time I may look back at those electric blue skinny jeans with horror, my fashion and perceptions will no doubt have changed - but that's life. As humans we, like fashion, evolve - in both looks and persona - and quite frankly, in a world where some things never seem to change, there's nothing more exciting than that. 

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