Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pre Collections: The Prologue

       Until recently I ignored pre collections. Until recently I decided that SS and AW shows were more important than pre collections and, as a result, tended to skirt past these mid-season masterpieces. And, in a sense, I wasn't wrong to do so. The SS and AW shows are, after all, the main course of fashion. They are the crème de la crème of the runway, whereas Pre collections are but mere starters. They can be ignored - but, what I didn't realise is, that doesn't mean they should be. What I didn't realise is - I'd been missing out.

*  *  *

       Pre Collections are essential to modern fashion. Having come to existence as a derivation of cruise collections, pre collections allow designers to attend to their customers' needs all year round. They give their clientèle the chance to wear an array of all-weather pieces at times when the weather does whatever the weather feels like doing. They give their customers the chance to jet-set off to hot places in the middle of winter and look the part. Moreover, they have become so popular now that they now provide much of designers' revenues today.
        However, alongside their practical purposes, pre collections have a more artistic raison-d'être. They are not soulless money making machines - far from it, in fact. Pre collections bridge the gap between each season. They keep our fashion hungry minds fulfilled as they introduce us to new looks and aesthetics ahead of each season. What's more they allow us to anticipate the features and details of the SS/AW collections to come - be they the subtleties of a more feminine silhouette or the down-right obvious clues of an excessive use of the colour purple.
Pre Collections add to modern fashion and below is a selection of the most fashionable this season:

Marc Jacobs

       It always astounds me how Marc Jacobs can manage to produce two collections for three brands a year - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton - let alone find time to create pre-collections as well, and yet he does so and he does so incredibly well. This season's pre collection sees him maintain the waist-cinching, calf-hanging silhouette of his AW collection, whilst injecting it with a lighter less brooding attitude. The result is a success and the PVC/ foil details are the icing on a terribly fashionable cake. 

Alexander McQueen

       Granted I'm echoing the words of fashion journalists and bloggers worldwide but Sarah Burton really does go from strength to strength at McQueen and this couldn't be more evident than in her most recent pre collection for the brand. The ornateness of her previous efforts still remains, as do the statement pieces, however Burton has executed them in her most wearable way to date. From jumpsuits to ball gowns Burton has done McQueen proud and those oversized clasp belts will no doubt become a must have in weeks to come.


       One of the most appealing features of Versace clothing is its tackiness. In most brands, the prints and overt sexuality would seem somewhat over-bearing and yet with Versace it works. This time round Donatella has decided to go girlish with a Versace edge. The hot pink trouser suits and shirts of the collection are not twee but instead possess a harsh sexuality, just as inviting as it is daring. Moreover, with the studs and black detailing to boot, the Versace girl hasn't looked this punk in years.

Christopher Kane

      Kane's clothing always oozes femininity - but in a modern sense. Be it neon body-cons or floral leathers it is always clear that Kane adores the feminine form; he creates his clothes to compliment it. For his SS pre collection Kane has reinvented old favourites, whilst playing about with print and the results couldn't be more perfect. Whether it's a hooded track pant duo your after or an elegant dress with a splash of paint this season, Kane has designed it and he's designed it beautifully.


       It's safe to say that Karl Lagerfeld is the king of Pre-collections. Having designed cruise collections for years, Lagerfeld has perfected the art of Pre. Moreover, in true Lagerfeld style, he has made said collections no less important than those of AW and SS - who else goes to the length of organising fountain featuring shows in France's most beautiful locations for their mid-season affairs? The clothes speak for themselves and be it in a crepe mint dress or a voluminous gold circle-skirt, Chanel will keep you stylish all mid-season long.

       So - are you sold? I certainly am. Pre collections are practical but more importantly beautiful and, regardless of my situation in years to come, I will now make time for them - cos they're worth it.


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